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Kaitlin Woods shared a photo. 5 hours 6 minutes ago

haha love this!

Advice please! Premier Equine eventing boots ... which ones are better the Air-Cooled BL1 Eventing Boots or Air-Cooled Super Lite Eventing/Racing... Show more

Rosie Askham shared a photo. 8 hours 6 minutes ago

So... I bought my first horse. I just love her. She's got so much potential, super excited for our future. Friesian convert I think.

Kaitlin Woods Beautiful! Have fun together x 5 hours 14 minutes ago

59 Pairs to Compete at Rolex Kentucky Following the First Horse Inspection

Nicky Bethell shared a photo. 12 hours 12 minutes ago

This photo never fails to make me giggle - I've painted it too and use it as my profile pic, Ha, Ha! Julie Moore #makesmesmile - feeling cheeky

Trot On liked Trot On's photo 12 hours 41 minutes ago

The trouble is that when someone is riding a horse and there is no one else watching, the rider cannot see the horse's facial expression well enough to interpret it. Hopefully, the whole horse ethogram will help with this problem. Also, what to do about the dismaying number of people who just don't care if they are causing pain to their horses ? They rationalize that they are only causing minor pain for a limited time and that they themselves suffer aches and pains during and after riding but they don't let it stop them from riding, and that they are giving the horse a better life than it would have elsewhere, so they are justified in expecting the horse to bear some occasional pain. [...]

'...Recognition of changes in facial expression could potentially save horses from needless suffering and chronic injuries...'

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Why do race horses love the beach?

Case mounted for broader recognition of Australian war horses | Anzac Day 2017

Trot On updated the article: A Beginner's Guide To Horse Riding 2 days ago

A Beginner's Guide To Horse Riding

'... I had lost my wife to horses, and the only way to see her was to join her...'
**5 things I'll never understand** - feeling cheeky

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Trot On updated the article: Why we LOVE horses. 3 days ago

Why we LOVE horses.
Why we LOVE horses.

Horses. How much do we love them?... We thought we'd count the ways by picking out…