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Beware - Snow & Ice Creates Sugary Grass!

Written by Wednesday, 07 March 2018 12:14
Be on your guard if you're putting your horse or pony out on grass that has been covered in snow, especially if they are prone to laminitis or other sugar related problems, as snow and ice cause sugars to build up in grass in the same way it does with frost. And don't think just because the snow has melted…

Heart Break for Para Equestrian Sophie Wells

Written by Wednesday, 07 March 2018 11:30
Treatment at the Newmarket Equine Hospital leaves an uncertain prognosis for para equestrian Sophie Wells' horse Valerius. The 16-year-old Flemmish gelding, may not compete again. Valarius, AKA Reece sustained a suspensory injury in both hind legs and had investigations at Newmarket in January.   He’s played a massive part in making me the rider and trainer I am today and will always…

Side Reins - Just say NO!

Written by Tuesday, 06 March 2018 17:03
I feel really heartened by how many of my clients want to embrace a way of training that is based on equine biomechanics but saddened when I hear that someone has opted for the quick fix and lunged their horse in side reins.  Side-reins are single straps which attach from bit to girth (or surcingle) and, so their fans claim,…

Breastplates Can Affect the Way Horses Jump.

Written by Wednesday, 28 February 2018 16:57
Research by forward thinking tack manufacturer Fairfax Saddles has shown that breastplates can adversely affect the way a horse jumps. Teaming up with Centaur Biomechanics  and ten elite eventers they proved that a breastplate attached to saddle and girth acts like a ‘cage’ restricting the horses shoulder, particularly at peak take-off when the shoulder is in its most forward position.  Analysis showed…

Ice and a Slice with an Equestrian Twist

Written by Monday, 26 February 2018 15:39
Here's something warming for the current cold spell! Ginkhana.  Launched as a “local spirit with an equestrian twist”, it is the lastest in Scottish Gins from Royal Deeside. Themed around the Horse Culture in the area, its ‘horsey’ inspiration doesn’t stop at the name - the gin is infused with Meadow Hay, Carrots, Apple and Mint. Ginkhana is described as a…
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