A pregnant horse found abandoned and neglected has given birth to a healthy foal in her new home after being rescued by Basildon Council.

Roberta the horse was found heavily pregnant and in poor health when authorities seized her on February 16.

She was suffering from worms and lice and was severely malnourished with her ribs, pelvis and spine clearly visible.

A Basildon Council spokesman, said: "This was a shocking case of animal neglect. Roberta was in a very poor state of health when we found her."

But after the council enforced the Control of Horses Act, which gives the authority power to remove and detain horses found to be unlawfully occupying public land, Roberta was given a second chance at happiness.

Against all the odds, in the early hours of Wednesday, May 10, Roberta gave birth to her miracle foal that has been named Buddy by council officers... READ MORE
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A HORSE has been left paralysed after cruel thugs used a hammer and a knife to slash his skin and shatter the bones in his face.

Domino, a 13-year-old Trotter Cross, has been permanently disfigured after suffering severe wounds to his head, shoulder and side.

Police are now investigating the the brutal attack which took place as he grazed in his paddock.

Writing on social media, Domino's owner Tracey Nash, 53, said:

"He was attacked and had part of his face and shoulder removed and he was stabbed in the rear.

"He lost a lot of blood and will be critical for the next three days."

Tracey's friend Ian Ashley, 50, added:

"The attack was more brutal than first thought and the vets think a chisel type hammer was used as well as a knife.

"Domino totally trusts humans and is the most loving gentle of horses.

"This attack will leave him permanently disfigured and there's a chance he will be paralysed due to nerve damage.

"He had four hours of surgery when admitted to the vets who did an amazing job.

"Hopefully they have got all the broken bone fragments out.

"The next few days are critical but he has some movement in his bottom lip and has been able to eat so is doing as well as could be hoped." ...READ MORE

Domino the horse who was attacked with a large knife in Milton Keynes        SWNS


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A warning that this article contains a photo of one horse's facial injuries which readers may find distressing.

Two horses were "brutally" slashed across the face with a knife by an attacker who then set fire to their stables - leaving the animals trapped inside.

The chestnut horses were left to die at the stables in Bristol yesterday after the perpetrators trapped them inside before setting fire to the walls and doors.

Credit: Jacqueline Arden/ Facebook

They only survived because a melted water pipe helped to dampen the flames before one of their owners arrived to feed them and raised the alarm... READ MORE

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A picture of a sign, which begs dog owners not to just dump bags of dog waste in fields as they could get eaten by animals, has been shared on social media.

The sign says that two horses have already died as a result of consuming abandoned dog poo, and it is believed that it was put up in Warlingham.

"You have killed two horses here by throwing your dog poo bags over the hedge into this field.

"The first horse died a couple of months back and the autopsy showed her full of poo bags.

"The second died last week and the vet said it was probably the same thing. Now a foal has been left without its mother because you couldn't be bothered to take the poo home and bag it."

It's unclear where exactly this happened in Warlingham, but it has caused concern amongst locals... READ MORE

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Angry people on social media called for the teenagers in the disturbing video to face animal cruelty charges

THIS shocking Snapchat video shows teenage thugs feeding a horse cigarettes on a farm in Surrey.

Furious farmers hit out after footage showed one kid holding his phone camera, while another teenager pushes the tobacco into the animal’s mouth.

The clip is accompanied by several laughing emojis reads: “He’s feeding the horse fags.”

A gang of around 20 teens were reportedly seen crowded around the horse on Tuesday evening.

Furious farm owner Moya Hayward and son Josh Cummings have had problems with the gang who have terrorised their animals for three years.

She said: “It could make the horses very ill and their parents aren’t going to pay the bill.
“There were 15 to 20 youths out there videoing it, laughing about it, and they are as bad as each other.
“I love my animals and if anybody touches them they are asking for trouble.
“We have had all sorts happen to them.”... READ MORE
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:50

7,618 Horses Killed for Meat in Ireland

More than 7,500 horses were slaughtered in Ireland last year and sold as meat to householders, mainly on continental Europe.

While Ireland and England are horrified at the thought of eating horses, 1bn people do so all over the world.

Some 6,033 horses were slaughtered for meat in 2015, so last year’s figure is a 25% increase. However, at the height of the recession, in 2011, 24,000 unwanted horses were slaughtered for meat here.

Many thoroughbreds who failed to make it on the racing track ended up in abattoirs at the start of this decade, when the Irish economy began to slide. Most of the carcasses are exported to Europe, where they are eaten as burgers or steaks, or even roasts.

ISPCA chief inspector Conor Dowling said it can be kinder to euthanise an animal humanely rather than leave it open to neglect or abuse.

“We’ve seen so many animals abandoned in bad condition over the past 10 years,” said Mr Dowling. “It is certainly favourable for an animal to be humanely destroyed, or slaughtered for meat or put to sleep by a vet.

“It is a sad situation that this is what is required, because of over-population, but, sometimes, it might be the responsible thing to do.”

Globally, consumption has been on the rise since 1990, with horse meat commonly served in China, Russia, Central Asia, Mexico, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Belgium, and Argentina.

Mr Dowling said sport and race horses are now being slaughtered for food in Ireland.

“It could be horses who have reached an age where they can’t perform anymore, or who don’t make the grade,” he said.

“Some might have some sort of injury and be healthy enough to make the trip to the slaughterhouse, but not to live on indefinitely.”... READ MORE

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 11:36

Is it Cruel to Twitch Horses? Latest Research

At last research has been carried out into the hotly debated practice of twitching horses. Whilst many horse owners already think that it is cruel to twitch the ears of a horse, lip twitching is more widely accepted. Hopefully this research will lead to an advancement in horse welfare...

The study recorded the response of 12 geldings divided into two groups; one group receiving a lip twitch and the other an ear twitch. Each horse was monitored for heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and salivary cortisol levels.

The lip twitch which is the most commonly used form of twitching was shown to significantly decrease HR and HRV for the first 5 minutes, whilst also reducing salivary cortisol levels. However, when the lip twitch was left on for more than 5 minutes, the HR increased and HRV decreased. They also noted that the horses didn't seem to indicate any long term behavioural reaction to having been twitched in this way.

'Initially, the lip twitch increases parasympathetic nervous system activity, reduces stress levels, and has no effect on a horse's behaviour. This suggests that it subdues through a calming, probably analgesic effect. However, after the first five minutes of application, the lip twitch appears to significantly raise sympathetic tone, which raises questions about its suitability for periods longer than just a few minutes.'

Ear twitching on the other hand significantly raised HR, decreased HRV, and also increased cortisol levels, indicating that this method is highly stressful for horses and they are immobilised as a result of fear and/or pain. And not surprisingly 4 out of the 6 horses who had been ear twitched did not want to have their ear touched even four weeks later.

The researchers concluded that the ear twitch 'significantly raises sympathetic nervous system activity and stress levels and makes horses harder to handle both directly after application of the twitch and over time.'

From these findings they advise that ear twitching should not be used on horses and lip twitches should only be applied for a few minutes. If a horse needs to be subdued for a longer period, then a vet should sedate the horse instead.

Twitching in veterinary procedures: How does this technique subdue horses?
Benjamin Flakoll, Ahmed B. Ali, Carl Y. Saab.
Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Allications and Research Volume 18, March -April 2017, Pages 23-28/

Source: Equine Science Update.

Let us know your thoughts on twitching. Has this research supported or changed your opinion?

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A campaign to outlaw the use of horses in Bullfighting has been started with the launch of a petition by I Support Animal Rights (I.S.A.R.) an organisation confronting abuse, raising awareness for animal suffering & exploitation within the industries.

The petition received over 9,500 signatures within the first two weeks.

The continued goal for this campaign is 
1. To raise much needed awareness for the ill treatment and cruelty that horses used in Bull Fighting sustain while being exploited by "this cruel and outdated "sport". 
2. Reach the target of 250,000 signatures on the petition.

3. To finance a strategic advertising campaign targeted to steer tourists away from financially supporting the bullfighting industry when they are in countries that host bullfighting.

Horses Used In Bullfighting

Old horses who have surpassed their working life are being sold and used in bullfighting!! Their vocal cords are mutilated to render them voiceless so they cannot scream in fear from when the bull approaches or from the pain of being attacked, this mutilation also ensures the crowd does not feel sympathetic towards the horse.

Prior to the Bullfight, the horses are blindfolded and their ears and nostrils are typically compacted with Vaseline and cotton buds to deprive them of their senses which prevents them from panicking when the bull charges. Once the horse is ready the Picador rides them into the arena where the now unsuspecting and defenceless horse becomes an easy target for the enraged bull who is being provoked and stabbed in the neck by the Picador who uses a long sharp lance.

These horses are often gored even though they are protected by what is termed a 'peto, or a protective cape. These petos often do little more than hide the horses wounds. Furthermore these old horses are repaid for a lifetime of loyal service to Mankind by being forced against their will to participate in this cruel and life threatening Practice.

Please consider signing and sharing the Petition to ban the use of horses in bullfighting HERE

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The little pony was filmed eating carrots from a bowl while awkwardly sitting in chair usually used for humans rather than horses.

A video of a miniature horse sitting in a high chair like a baby has sparked outrage online - as people branded it animal abuse.

The little pony was filmed eating carrots from a bowl while awkwardly sitting in the chair - usually used for humans rather than horses.

Japan's Suetoshi Farm, which shared the clip on Instagram, has received a furious backlash since posting it last week.

Hundreds of people slammed it as "abuse" saying it could seriously damage the horse's spine... READ MORE



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COMMONERS are taking their ponies out of the New Forest because of the number of crashes claiming their animals’ lives, the Daily Echo can reveal.

Campaigners fighting for speed restrictions on the B3078 from Godshill to Cadnam have said people are fed up with the number of collisions and are being forced to keep their ponies out of harm’s reach.

The New Forest Roads Campaign is calling for speed restrictions after the road saw four ponies killed in just eight days.

Nearly 3,000 people have signed their online petition which aims to lobby higher authorities for permanent speed measures. 

Owner Kay Harrison lost a mare that was killed in a collision with a car. The same incident saw her foal put down after it suffered a broken leg. Five days later another of Ms Harrison’s animals were killed. And on Tuesday, a third crash saw a pony suffer two broken legs and subsequently shot by one of the agisters.

Campaigner Gilly Jones said: “Commoners are taking their ponies out of the Forest. I know people who have said ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and won’t let ponies anywhere near the roads. It’s really sad. We need to get people to realise that ponies and cars don’t mix.”...READ MORE

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