Tackling the challenging cross-country at Badmninton Horse Trials, through our photographer's lens.

Padraig McCarthy (IRL) riding MR. CHUNKY


Tom McEwen (GBR) riding TOLEDO DE KERSER


Oliver Townend (GBR) riding COOLEY SRS


Micheal Jung (GER) riding LA BIOSTHETHIQUE SAM


Rosalind Canter (GBR) riding ALL STAR B


Oliver Townend (GBR) riding BALLAGHMOR CLASS


Richard Jones (GBR) riding ALFIES CLOVER


Alexander Whewall (GBR) riding CHAKIN'S STAR


Ben Hobday (GBR) riding MULRY'S ERROR


Giovanni Ugolotti (ITA) riding CULTREWIND


Tim Price (NZL) riding RINGWOOD SKY BOY


Simon Grieve (GBR) riding DRUMBILLA METRO


Pippa Funnell (GBR) riding BILLY BEWARE


Virginia Thompson (NZL) riding STAR NOUVEAU

Imogen Murray (GBR) riding IVAR GOODEN


Georgie Strang (GBR) riding COOLEY EARL


James Sommerville (GBR) riding TALENT


Lissa Green (AUS) riding HOLLYFIELD


Tom Crisp (GBR) riding COOLYS LUXURY


Michael Owen (GBR) riding BRADLEY LAW


Tom McEwen (GBR) riding STRIKE SMARTLY




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With under two weeks to go we're looking forward to the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2018 getting under way. Below is the the drawn order of this year's riders and horses for the International cross country phase of the event.

The event takes place from Wednesday 2rd May through to Sunday 6th May 2018. Wednesday is the first day of the event - the International competition kicks off with the horse inspection in the afternoon and continues with Dressage on the Thursday and Friday before the thrills and spills of the Cross Country phase on the Saturday. Sunday is the culmination of the competition and is a Show Jumping test over knock down arena jumps.

Drawn Order for the Cross Country

1. Caroline Powell (NZL) riding Up Up And Away
2. Georgie Spence (GBR) riding Halltown Harley
3. Tom McEwen (GBR) riding Toledo de Kerser
4. Andrew Nicholson (NZL) riding Nereo
5. Alexander Bragg (GBR) riding Zagreb
6. Mark Todd (NZL) riding Leonidas II
7. Gemma Tattersall (GBR) riding Pamero 4
8. Harry Dzenis (GBR) riding Xam
9. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Cooley Master Class
10. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Cooley SRS
11. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Ballaghmor Class
12. Kristina Cook (GBR) riding Star Witness
13. Kristina Cook (GBR) riding Billy The Red
14. Ciaran Glynn (IRE) riding Killossery Jupiter Rising
15. Richard Jones (GBR)  riding Alfies Clover
16. Alicia Hawker (GBR) riding Charles RR
17. Dan Jocelyn (NZL) riding Dassett Cool Touch
18. Alexander Whewall (GBR) riding Chakiris Star
19. Ben Hobday (GBR) riding Mulry's Error
20. Clare Abbott (IRE) riding Euro Prince
21. Dag Albert (SWE) riding Mitras Eminem
22. Padraig Mccarthy (IRE) riding Mr Chunky
23. Louise Harwood (GBR) riding Mr Potts
24. Kate Honey (GBR) riding Fernhill Now or Never
25. Alan Nolan (IRE) riding Bronze Flight
26. Tom Jackson (GBR) riding Waltham Fiddlers Find
27. Aoife Clark (IRE) riding Master Rory
28. Selena O'Hanlon (CAN) riding Foxwood High
29. Andy Daines (NZL) riding Spring Panorama
30. Michael Jung (GER) riding La Biosthetique - Sam FBW
31. Patricia Ryan (IRE) riding Dunrath Eclipse
32. Giovanni Ugolotti (ITA) riding Cult Rewind
33. Michael Ryan (IRE) riding Dunlough Striker
34. Tim Price (NZL) riding Ringwood Sky Boy
35. Denis Mesples (FRA) riding Oregon de la Vigne
36. Lydia Hannon (GBR) riding My Royal Touch
37. Imogen Gloag (GBR) riding Brendonhill Doublet
38. Danielle Dunn (GBR) riding Zocarla BLH
39. Simon Grieve (GBR) riding Drumbilla Metro
40. Lauren Kieffer (USA) riding Veronica
41. Pippa Funnell (GBR) riding Billy Beware
42. Virginia Thompson (NZL) riding Star Nouveau
43. Flora Harris (GBR) riding Bayano
44. Sarah Bullimore (GBR) riding Reve du Rouet
45. Rosalind Canter (GBR) riding Allstar B
46. Yoshiaki Oiwa (JAP) riding The Duke of Cavan
47. Bill Levett (AUS) riding Alexander NJ
48. Izzy Taylor (GBR) riding Perfect Stranger
49. Georgie Strang (GBR) riding Cooley Earl
50. James Sommerville (GBR) riding Talent
51. William Fox-Pitt (GBR) riding Fernhill Pimms  WAIT LIST
52. Imogen Murray (GBR) riding Ivar Gooden
53. Will Furlong (GBR) riding Collien P 2
54. Aurelien Leroy (FRA) riding Seashore Spring
55. Kirsty Short (GBR) riding Cossan Lad
56. Paul Tapner (AUS) riding Bonza King of Rouges
57. Regis Prud'hon (FRA) riding Kaiser HDB 4175
58. Cedric Lyard (FRA) riding Qatar du Puech Rouget
59. Lissa Green (AUS) riding Hollyfield
60. Ashley Edmond (GBR) riding Triple Chance
61. Dee Hankey (GBR) riding Chequers Playboy
62. Carlos Diaz Fernandez (ESP) riding Junco CP
63. Tom Crisp (GBR) riding Coolys Luxury
64. Becky Woolven (GBR) riding Charlton Down Riverdance
65. Jonty Evans (IRE) riding Cooley Rorkes Drift
66. Warren Lamperd (AUS) riding Silvia
67. Joseph Murphy (IRE) riding Sportsfield Othello
68. Jonelle Price (NZL) riding Classic Moet
69. Piggy French (GBR) riding Vanir Kamira
70. Nana Dalton (GBR) riding Absolut Opposition  WAIT LIST
71. Madeline Backus (USA) riding P.S. Arianna
72. Hanne Wind Ramsgaard (DK) riding Vestervangs Arami
73. Emilie Chandler (GBR) riding Coopers Law
74. Harry Meade (GBR) riding Away Cruising
75. Dani Evans (GBR) riding Smart Time
76. William Coleman (USA) riding OBOS O'Reilly
77. Michael Owen (GBR) riding Bradeley Law
78. James O'Haire (IRE) riding China Doll
79. Sam Griffiths (AUS) riding Paulank Brockagh
80. Gemma Tattersall (GBR) riding Arctic Soul
81. Andrew Nicholson (NZL) riding Jet Set
82. Alexander Bragg (GBR) riding Redpath Ransom
83. Mark Todd (NZL) riding Kiltubrid Rhapsody
84. Harry Dzenis (GBR) riding Dromgurrihy Blue
85. Kristina Cook (GBR) riding Calvino II
86. Kristina Cook (GBR) riding Billy The Red
87. Caroline Powell (NZL) riding On The Brash
88. Ciaran Glynn (IRE) riding November Night
89. Georgie Spence (GBR) riding Wii Limbo
90. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding MHS King Joules
91. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Cooley SRS
92. Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Ballaghmor Class

93. Tom McEwen (GBR) riding Strike Smartly

The maximum starting field will actually be 85. There are horses that are still on the wait - list, and others such as the mounts of Oliver Townend and Kristina Cook to be decided... they have 4 and 3 horses entered respectively, but they can only ride a maximum of two.

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Grit and determination - the rider's facial expressions say it all...

Close up of Eventing rider Oliver Townend riding grey horse Ballaghmor Class Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Ballaghmor Class

Eventing rider Tom McEwen riding bay horse Toledo De Kerser in front of spectators and lake at Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Tom McEwen (GBR) riding Toledo De Kerser

Eventing rider Ludwig Svennestal riding bay horse Balham Mist Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Ludwig Svennestal (SWE) riding Balham Mist

Eventing rider Caroline Powell jumping bay horse Balham Mist with red jump flag and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Caroline Powell (NZL) riding Spice Sensation

Eventing rider Tom Crisp riding bay horse Cooleys Luxury Burghley Horse trials 2017

Tom Crisp (GBR) riding Cooleys Luxury

Eventing rider in red Paul Tapner on grey horse Bonza King of Rouges with nasal strip

Paul Tapner (AUS) riding Bonza King of Rouges

Eventing rider Oliver Townend jumping brush fence on bay horse Samuel Thomas II with red jump flag and lake Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Samuel Thomas II

female eventing rider Lillian Heard riding bay horse LCC Barnaby with official photographers and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 207

Lillian Heard (USA) riding LCC Barnaby

female eventing rider Emma Hyslop-Webb wearing pink colours jumping bay horse Pennlands Douglas Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Emma Hyslop-Webb (GBR) riding Pennlands Douglas

female eventing rider Sophie Brown riding grey horse Wil Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Sophie Brown (GBR) riding Wil

close up bay horse Veronica II neck and head jumping fence with female eventing rider Lauren Kieffer Burghley 2017

Lauren Kieffer (USA) riding Veronica II

side on eventing rider Tim Price riding bay horse Ringwood Sky Boy Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Tim Price (NZL) riding Ringwood Sky Boy

Head and shoulders close up of grey horse Ballaghmor Class jumping with eventing rider Oliver Townend red jump flag and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Oliver Townend (GBR) riding Ballaghmor Class

Grey horse Away Cruising jumping fence with eventing rider Harry Meade with spectators Burghley Horse trials

Harry Meade (GBR) riding Away Cruising

eventing rider Piggy French riding bay horse Vanir Kamira through water Trout hatchery Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Piggy French (GBR) riding Vanir Kamira

close up side view head of bay horse Drumbilla Metro with eventing rider Simon Grieve wearing air jacket Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Simon Grieve (GBR) riding Drumbilla Metro

female eventing rider Louise Harwood leaning back in saddle jumping on bay horse Mr Potts at Dairy Farm jump Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Louise Harwood (GBR) riding Mr. Potts

eventing rider Louise Milne Home riding grey horse King Eider into the light from trees Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Louise Milne Home (GBR) riding King Eider

female eventing rider Tina Cook in despair at missed jump with bay horse Calvino II Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Tina Cook (GBR) riding Calvino II

 MORE... Big Jumps at Burghley 2017. Trot On Quick-Pics *VIDEO*

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It was a British 1, 2, 3, 4 at this year’s Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, with Oliver Townend taking the coveted title riding Karyn Shuter, Angela Hislop and Val Ryan’s 10-year-old gelding Ballaghmor Class.

1. Oliver Townend (GBR).

Eventing rider Oliver Townend jumping on grey horse Ballaghmor Class with red jump flag and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 2017

“It’s very, very special,” smiled an emotional Oliver, who last won a four star in 2009 – at Burghley. “We’ve had Ballaghmor Class from the word go and he’s a top class horse. I looked around the collecting ring and I honestly wouldn’t swap him for any other horse in there. It’s been a long time since I said that. It’s the biggest and most difficult four star to win and it means the world to me.”

2. Piggy French (GBR).

Eventing rider Piggy French splashing through water on bay horse Vanir Kamira at the trout hatchery Burghley Horse Trials

“She was fabulous,” said Piggy of Trevor Dickens’ 12-year-old mare. “I came here hoping for a top 10 finish – I’ve not managed to achieve that here before, and have more often eaten the Burghley dirt – so it’s great to be back at this level and up the leader board. Burghley is the toughest four star and it’s always been a dream to do well. What a difference a year makes.”

3. Gemma Tattersall (GBR).

Cottesmore Leap Brush fence at Burghley Horse Trials with bay horse Arctic Soul being ridden by eventing rider Gemma Tattersall

“So close yet so far. A stupid little touch of an upright cost us, but we’re still third at Burghley and he’s an incredible horse who doesn’t owe me anything,” Gemma concluded.

4. Tom McEwen (GBR).

bay horse Toledo De Kerser ridden by eventing rider Tom McEwen with Lake and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 2017

“What a horse, he was magnificent,” said Tom. “It was his third double clear at four star level and he jumped his socks off. I’m so happy with him and excited for the future.”

5. Tim Price (NZL).

Eventing rider Tim Price jumping brush fence on bay horse Ringwood Sky Boy with nasal strips red jump flag and spectators Burghley Horse Trials 2017

New Zealand’s Tim Price filled fifth place riding Ringwood Sky Boy after a fence and a time fault showjumping added five penalties to his overnight score.

“Although we had one down, that was like a clear round for him,” Tim said. “I reckon he’s got a win in him one day, just not today.”

6. Lynn Symansky (USA).

Eventing rider Lynn Symansky riding dark bay horse Donner splashing through water at Trout Hatchery Burghley Horse trials 2017

The USA’s Lynn Symansky and Donner picked up four faults to finish sixth, while a clear round showjumping pushed Tina Cook and her second ride Star Witness up the leaderboard from tenth to seventh. She also finished 17th with Calvino II.

7. Tina Cook (GBR).

eventing rider Tina Cook riding bay horse with white blaze Star Witness Burghley Horse Trials 2017 and photographer

8. Andrew Nicholson (NZL).

Eventing rider Andrew Nicholson jumping wooden jump on chestnut horse with white blaze Nereo Burghley Horse Trials 2017

Andrew Nicholson and Nereo clocked up 10 penalties to drop from sixth overnight to eighth, this result meaning that Nereo has now earnt over 3000 British Eventing points, a record, in his illustrious career.

9. Izzy Taylor (GBR).

female Eventing rider Izzy Taylor jumping over fence on dark bay horse Trevidden with blue nasal strips Burghley Horse trials 2017

Izzy Taylor and Trevidden had three fences down moving them from third overnight to eventual ninth, and the USA’s Boyd Martin and Steady Eddie had two poles to finish tenth.

10. Boyd Martin (USA).

Eventing rider Boyd Martin jumping over fence on bay horse Steady Eddie with white blaze and equine nasal strips Bughley Horse Trials 2017


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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 10:59

Burghley Top Ten | Photoblog

Christopher Burton, 34, is the current world number two. He really sprang into the public consciousness with a brilliant trailblazing Cross Country ride at the London Olympic Games in 2012 where he finished 16th on Holstein Park Leilani.

Burton, who is married to fellow rider Rebekah, has been settled in Britain, in Surrey, for five years, notching up several good international placings including third and fourth places at Burghley last year on TS Jamaimo and Haruzac, and second place on Nobilis 18 at Blenheim CCI3*.

This year, he won the CCI3* at Saumur on Santano ll, his ride in the Rio Olympic Games where he led after the Cross Country phase and finished in eventual fifth place with a team bronze medal.

Nobilis 18 is an 11-year-old Hannoverian-bred gelding by Nobre owned by Sue Lawson, Carolyn Townsend and Chris Burton.

1. Christopher Burton/Nobilis 18 (AUS) 30.2 + 3.2 + 16 = 49.4

2. Andrew Nicholson/Nereo (NZL) 35.2 + 12.0 + 6 = 53.2

3. Jonelle Price/Classic Moet (NZL) 48.5 + 1.6 + 4 = 54.1

4. Tim Price/Ringwood Sky Boy (NZL) 38.9 + 6.0 + 12 = 56.9

5. Cedric Lyard/Cadeau du Roi (FRA) 46.0 + 13.6 + 0 = 59.6

6. Bettina Hoy/Designer 10 (GER) 34.5 + 19.2 + 8 = 61.7

7. Oliver Townend/Samuel Thomas ll (GBR) 53.4 + 9.6 + 0 = 63.0

8. Caroline Powell/Onwards and Upwards (NZL) 37.8 + 21.6 + 5 = 64.4

9. Sir Mark Todd/NZB Campino (NZL) 42.2 + 16.8 + 8 = 67.0

10. Kristina Cook/Star Witness (GBR) 52.9 + 12.0 + 4 = 68.9

Burghley Horse Trials XC 2016 Photo Album MORE

Trot On's Burghley 2016 QUICK PICS *VIDEO* Here


See Full Results HERE

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Wow! Heads up to the Land Rover Bughley Horse Trials 2016 (1st- 4th Sept).

This is certainly an alternative way to familiarise yourself with the XC course designed by Captain Mark Phillips! Two fearless free-runners - Parkour pros Shameem Abbas, 22, and Mason Green, 17, flip, jump, race their way around the 3.5 mile course. It features fences up to 2m wide and 1.45m tall, which the competition's riders will be expected to complete it in around 10 minutes.

The Burghley Horse Trials are always a highlight in the International sporting calendar - a premier equestrian and social event. It attracts the best horses and riders in the world, and this year some fresh from returning from the Rio Olympics.

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With three of the first eight riders biting the dust, the 33 fence course across the undulating terrain of the Olympic Equestrian Centre course in Deodoro was influential.

And so it proved to be - a tough day for Team GB.

First to ride, taking on the 'pathfinder' role for the team was Gemma Tattersall and Quicklook V.

"Unfortunately today, for whatever reason, she went very ‘green’. She jumped fence three absolutely enormously and I think that frightened her a bit. She certainly would never want to do anything wrong, but I think she had a bit of a fright.” said Gemma.

Having a second refusal later in the course added 40 penalty points, plus time faults to her dressage score.

The over-night leader, William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning were next to ride. Sadly, they picked up 20 penalty points for a refusal, despite having an otherwise lovely round.

William said, “I had a very good run, it’s just annoying that I went past that third element. It was really unfortunate and my fault entirely. I went too quickly for him and there was no way I could turn so he didn’t do anything wrong. He is a lovely horse and to be riding him around the course is a luxury so I’m sad I have wasted it.”

GB's third combination was Pippa Funnell and Billy The Biz. They were impressive to watch, and flew round the course, but unluckily had a run-out towards the end.

“I'm very proud of him,” commented Pippa, “when I walked that last fence I thought it was really unlucky at that stage of the course; I know other great horses have done it, but when you see a lot of horses struggling, I was a little worried because he’s so special but I'm delighted with him today. I’m just gutted for Yogi, the team and all the connections.”

Finally, towards the end of the day it was the turn of Kitty King and Ceylor L A N to tackle the course. They had a good, positive ride, but they too had a run-out at fence 11.

Kitty commented, “There are a lot of positives to take out of it, and he still did a great job. He jumped really well in the warm-up and felt fantastic and he felt brilliant over the first few [fences]; as soon as he jumped the first two I thought we're going to have a good ride and we did."

All four combinations incurred time faults, and the results as of the end of the XC phase see Team GB lying in eighth place.

Individual placings for Team GB athletes after the cross-country phase; William Fox-Pitt (22), Pippa Funnell (28), Kitty King (34) and Gemma Tattersall (44).

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Australia led the eventing after Christopher Burton rode a fast and clean round on a cross country course full of falls, refusals and time penalties.

Defending champions Germany dropped from first after dressage to fourth in team standings on Monday though Michael Jung, who took home individual gold four years ago, is in second place behind Burton.

"I took a few long routes because this is a difficult course... but he is so fast!" said Burton, 34, one of only three horse and rider pairs to escape penalties.

"I was not expecting this, he has far and above exceeded our expectations," he said of his horse Santano II who had never jumped an elite four-star course before.

Burton's performance helped pull Australia ahead of New Zealand and France. Medals will be awarded on Tuesday after show jumping, the third and final phase of eventing.

Five-time Olympian William Fox-Pitt of Great Britain led after the dressage phase but on Monday missed a tight turn and had a refusal at a brush fence, dropping to 22nd. Fox-Pitt made a miraculous recovery from an ugly fall that had him in a medically induced coma just eight months ago.

Eighteen of 65 horse and rider pairs were eliminated or withdrew on Monday, five with falls on what several riders said was the most difficult course they had ever ridden. Two falls early in the competition caused many teams to adjust their strategies.

"They told me to take it really safe," said Mark Todd, who at 60 is attending his seventh Olympics, after team mate Tim Price fell.

"I thought we were going to make it (within the time allowed) but there were just so many jumps at the end," said Todd, who had two time penalties and finished fourth.

A combination of tight turns through water near the end of the five-kilometer course saw many horses balk, and Olympic veterans Ingrid Klimke of Germany, Australia's Shane Rose and Pippa Funnell of Great Britain all had refusals there.

"It was a lot of run-outs and dramatic things," said course designer Pierre Michelet. "Some were riders we were not expecting."

The U.S. had one rider withdraw and one eliminated, knocking the team into 12th place ahead of Russia, which finished last.


Full Team Results HERE




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The world's best horse and rider combinations will jump over giant logs, toucan carvings and a model of the Sambodromo on a French-designed, 5 km cross country course in Rio's Deodoro park early next week.

Eventing, the first of three Olympic equestrian competitions, kicks off on Saturday with individual and team dressage tests. Horses and riders will move on to the cross country course on Monday and medals will be awarded on Aug 9 after the final stadium jumping phase.

The Rio cross country course, designed by France's Pierre Michelet, starts out with a few inviting obstacles before running the horses through a water combination on obstacle four. Michelet said a down-hill combination at obstacle six, involving a tall and narrow brush jump set at an angle, could cause the most problems.

"I like to ask questions with balance," Michelet told journalists during a course walk on Thursday, adding that posing difficult tests early on a course is his signature.

Michael Jung and Sam, London 2012

Germany is out to repeat a team gold from 2012, with individual winner Michael Jung returning. Jung had to switch horses only a week before the animals were due to fly to Rio after his first choice horse got an infection. He will be riding Sam, a 16-year-old London veteran.

The unpredictable sport also forced last-minute switchups for Great Britain, which finished second behind Germany four years ago. The team added Pippa Funnell and her grey mount Billy The Biz on July 22 after another rider's horse was injured.

Funnell, like fellow Olympic medalist William Fox-Pitt, recovered from scary cross country falls over the past year in one of the Games' most dangerous sports.

"We just hope it’s not going to be too hot. The weather is potentially going to be warm, we just hope we are prepared for it," Fox-Pitt told Reuters.




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