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Lady Houdini

Written by Monday, 17 August 2015 15:26
Mariska - A Friesan Mare - has become an equine celebrity since she featured in this video....Anybody aware of another horse that does this or something similar? MORE... 'LIKE' what you see and check out our HOME page!

Fiesta Gaucha de Tropillas

Written by Monday, 17 August 2015 11:27
So this fascinating drone filmed video is about a Festival that takes place in Argentina that demonstrates the horsemanship of the Gaucho. The rules appear to be the following 1- All the herds of the Gauchos are collectively gathered together in one part of the arena 2- All the Gauchos are gathered together in a separate part of the arena:…

One of Britain's Many Tall Horses

Written by Monday, 17 August 2015 08:01
Meet Sovereign, who we believe is one of Britain’s many tall horses who stands tall - very tall at 10 FOOT. The six-year-old shire horse measures just under 21 hands from his hoof to the withers at the bottom of his neck – the equivalent of just under 7 ft but the top of his head stands a staggering 10ft…

The Mindset Of The Strong Willed

Written by Tuesday, 11 August 2015 09:00
'The Mindset Of The Strong Willed' It is a known fact that the mind can either be your friend or your enemy. Two extreme opposites no doubt but both have the same power to completely take over you and your way of thinking. Your way of thinking. That's key to the way you live your life. Pessimistic views and thoughts…
When one of your closet friends calls you and says “Sarah..I’ve just had the most amazing experience of my life, swimming with horses!!! You’ve GOT to come and try this!!” What are you going to say? "Hmm, I’m not doesn’t sound very exciting.” No, you say “Hang Ten” I’m on my way!!! So, in the time it takes to…
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