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HEAVY going at Exeter Racecourse!

Written by Tuesday, 27 October 2015 11:02
The racing Clydesdales are back! These magnificent heavy horses, supplied by Adventure Clydesdale a Dartmoor based enterprise, will be thundering down the track at Exeter Racecourse to help raise money for Devon Air Ambulance on 22nd November. As part of the fund raiser, racegoers will have the opportunity to┬ábecome a Clydesdale owner for the day. As an owner you…

Should horses be made to wear nappies?

Written by Friday, 23 October 2015 09:13
Is this a potty idea - something that is possibly going to get EVERYBODY going? lol .... Should horses be made to wear Horse Diapers/Nappies? or more accurately Horse manure collection devices? The case has been made that they should do so, to a court in Indiana USA - fortunately la Grange County, which has a large Amish community (and…
18 months ago after a night out with her horse riding friends Marsha Giles from County Durham saw photographs of the evening and didn't like what she saw one little bit . At that pivotal moment she decided she was going to do something about it - she was going to change her lifestyle,her shape and her outlook on life...and…

Pony Pals....Pony visits helping the Elderly

Written by Wednesday, 19 August 2015 10:47
It was suggested I might write a few words on Pony Pals and how it all got started so here goes! I started the organisation 6 years ago when I bought my first Miniature Shetland who I named Super Noodles. We started visiting children's birthday parties until my Mother, who was The Manager of a nursing home, invited us to…

Lady Houdini

Written by Monday, 17 August 2015 15:26
Mariska - A Friesan Mare - has become an equine celebrity since she featured in this video....Anybody aware of another horse that does this or something similar? MORE... 'LIKE' what you see and check out our HOME page!
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