Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:08

Tips and Favourite Products for Turnout

The competitive season for numerous disciplines is well underway and I thought I’d share my favourite/most needed products to get my horses gleaming and catching everyone’s eyes.


I love using the solocomb to pull my horse’s mane, it’s very simple to use and is totally pain and hassle free for the horses. It produces an equal length although is pretty time consuming! 

Harrods Body Brush

If you are in need of a brush for cleaning EVERYTHING this is the one… it is such good quality and is much bigger than most body brushes. It is also great at creating quarter marks.

Shiny Sprays!

Everyone loves a bit of shine… right?! I love keeping my horses coats in a healthy condition and for the added shine on show days I rely on NAF shiny coat spray or the Carr, Day&Martin coat shine conditioner.

Smart Grooming Deep Purple whitening shampoo

This is a game changer in terms of cleaning greys! I have never seen shampoo more effective at removing every possible stain and leaving your horse glowing. They also do a lavender shampoo which can work on any colour coat with added insect repellent due to the lavender scent.

Tack Cleaning...

Definitely the way to get extra heads turning and the judges loving you is with sparkly clean tack. My personal go to favourites for softening the tack and keeping it moisturised is the NAF sheer luxe leather balsam and the Carr, Day&Martin Neatsfoot compound oil, which makes my tack gleam!

Effol Hoof Oil

Hoof oil is not only a really important conditioner for horses hooves to stop them getting dry and cracked especially in the summer months but it also creates a polished look in competition. I love the Effol black hoof oil it applies well and lasts and even works on white hooves.

Shires Ezi-Groom Body Wash Brush

My absolute favourite for wash downs or simply cleaning. The added advantage of the brush around the sponge means sweat and dirt can easily be wiped away without endlessly scrubbing. A MUST buy for everyone, I guarantee you’ll love it!

Shires mane comb with wooden handle

This is also a pulling comb however I don’t pull my horses mane, but this comb is gives the perfect amount of hair to plait a mane. It’s a must for any travel bag or home grooming kit and retails at £1.65 – bargain!

Premier Equine tail guard with bag 

There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly cleaned tail but it being ruined on the journey ending up a lovely shade of brown… but Premier Equine have produced the perfect must have solution. I love how easy these are, honestly a must buy. 

Hoods – keep clean
I love these hoods especially for keeping clean and keeping plaits in overnight. They can also help to prevent rugs rubbing on the neck. They come in different materials including lycra and fleece. The lycra ones are my favourite. 






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