Wednesday, 04 April 2018 10:34

Too Much Plastic in the Equestrian World!

 We're all pretty appalled by the videos we've seen about the amount of plastic in our oceans and the horrific pictures of creatures caught up in our plastic rubbish. So, most of us are trying to do our bit by taking a bag to the supermarket and carrying re-usable water bottles and coffee cups.  But standing in my feed room the other day, I suddenly became aware how much plastic packaging comes with horse products! There's a pile of plastic feed bags in one corner and empty supplement tubs lined up on a shelf. Some of the bedding comes in plastic bags and what about the amount of bailer twine or wrapping around haylage! Let's face it, most yards are swimming in plastic waste!

So, isn't it about time that equestrian suppliers started cutting back on plastic and finding alternatives? And are there ways in which we can help to reduce plastic in our equestrian lives? We'd love to know your thoughts and ideas.

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