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Get Off Your High Horse!

At Trot On HQ recently, someone used the term 'get off your high horse!' Along with terms such as 'needs reining in' or 'had a leg up' it's a term used in everyday conversation that comes from mans long association with horses. Anyway, it started a discussion on why the idea of being 'on a high horse' still has relevance for equestrians today and whether it comes saddled with negative consequences.

When you accuse someone of being on their high horse, it means you're accusing them of acting in a superior manner, usually a moral one. And being actually mounted on a high horse not only puts you physically above others but also can make other people feel that 'you' think you are above them in status. Let's face it, because of the horse's historic association with the rich and powerful, lots of people still hold the opinion that anyone who owns a horse is rich, stuck up, and thinks 'they are better than the rest of us!' When of course we all know that the majority of us certainly aren't wealthy and scrimp and scrape to plough all of our hard-earned cash into our beloved horse.

Is it for instance, one of the reasons why other road users can be so aggressive towards horse and riders on the road? And whilst there are anti-hunt protesters who genuinely don't want to see any animal harmed, there are those who are more people haters rather than animal lovers because they regard riders as part of the upper classes who think they are 'above the rest.'

What do you think?


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More than 100 horses and their riders have taken a route through city streets to call for legislation to slow down vehicle drivers.

Protestors rode to Nottingham Castle from Wollaton Park to demand a 15mph (24kph) speed limit when motorists see horses on the road.

Nottinghamshire County Council has supported the campaign.

More than 2,000 incidents involving horses and vehicles in the UK have been reported in the past five years.

Reflective armbands

The council is supplying reflective armbands to riders which can be strapped to their arms and contain medical information and emergency contacts... READ MORE




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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 13:27

Riders Dare to Bare

Riders have taken things into their own hands in a bid to get drivers to slow down for horses.

Equestrians from around the country have been stripping off to show their support for the #willyouslowdownformenow campaign, which core objective is to get drivers to be more considerate of horses on the roads.

The photo that started #willyouslowdownformenow

The campaign was launched by Lauren De Gruchy and already has over 14,000 likes on its Facebook page.

Whilst this campaign has brought with it much humour and interest, it's important to remember its cause - trying to get drivers to SLOW DOWN for horses.

Horses On Roads

Mutliple, fatal, colisions have happend on the roads. All of which have been caused by people driving too fast past horses.

You don't have to strip off to get behind this campaign,  simply take a picture holding a sign captioned #willyouslowdownformenow.

Abi Rule


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