Monday, 26 February 2018 15:39

Ice and a Slice with an Equestrian Twist

Here's something warming for the current cold spell! Ginkhana. 

Launched as a “local spirit with an equestrian twist”, it is the lastest in Scottish Gins from Royal Deeside.

Themed around the Horse Culture in the area, its ‘horsey’ inspiration doesn’t stop at the name - the gin is infused with Meadow Hay, Carrots, Apple and Mint.

Ginkhana is described as a fantastically smooth and sweet gin, which makes it perfect dram to sip neat, over ice with a mint leaf, or as a Gin Martini with a high quality Vermouth. It is equally at home as a Gin and Tonic with Mint and Apple.

Sounds like a top tipple if ever there was one. Cheers!

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