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Badminton Top 12 in Pictures|Photoblog


Congratulations to Michael Jung (GER) riding La Biosthetique – Sam FBW on winning The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2016! He led the competition from the front and also claims the Rolex Grand Slam.

Info: Badminton Horse Trials is one of the toughest and most exciting equestrian events – the pinnacle of the world’s 3-Day-Event calendar.

It was the 10th Duke of Beaufort whose idea it was to hold an event in his Gloucestershire park in order that British riders could train for future international events. The first event was held in 1949. When Golden Willow won the first Badminton competition, there were 22 starters from two countries, Britain and Ireland. Since then Great Britain has won 3 team golds and 2 individual gold medals in the Olympics; 6 team golds and 5 individual gold medals in the World Championships, and no fewer than 21 team golds and 18 individual gold medals in the European Championships.

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Final Results in full HERE

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William Fox-Pitt enjoyed a round of applause from spectators delighting in seeing him back in the competition saddle after his first showjumping round at Burnham Market International Horse Trials last weekend. The Open Intermediate class was his first event since being seriously injured in a cross country fall in France at the end of last season.

William and Parklane Hawk

It was a beautiful day and the conditions were perfect.

“It was great to be out again at my first event of the season. I decided to just ride two horses rather than four, to be sensible with the hope of being able to do them justice. Happily both went really well,” Fox-Pitt said.

He opted to ride his experienced horses, Cool Mountain and Parklane Hawk.

Cool Mountain

Parklane Hawk

“They are both old pros and literally carried me round – I only had to hold on,” he said. Always planning to take both horses steadily across country, he enjoyed two confident clear rounds. “It’s a great relief to finish in one piece and feeling good.”

Also returning to competition this season, at his second event since returning from a career-threatening neck injury was leading New Zealand eventer, Andrew Nicholson. He tasted victory at a lower-tier competition in Somerset two weeks ago, seven months after undergoing surgery to stabilise his spine following a fall during a three-start event in Gatcombe.

Andrew Nicholson and Swallow Springs

Great to see these two talented keen rivals back in the competition saddle!

See full results for the Burnham Market International Open Intermediate Section M HERE




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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 18:22

Oasby | Photoblog

Our pick of the pics : Oasby Horse Trials. March 10th-13th 2016.

Course Information: Oasby is run over flat ground (one valley). Built as an early season event, suitable for first time runs. Oasby provides good ground at this time of year.

Entries, Times and Results HERE


MORE photos...

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Planning for the future helps eventer, Phoebe Buckley deal with problems in the present!

So I am back... You all know how this works, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea...

It’s been so long since my last blog. Truth is that not much has happened in my boring life!! Hopefully, it will get a little more exciting now the event season is about to start.

Anyways… All I seem to be have been doing the last few months is working to pay legal bills. Now I won’t bore you all with my parents case but it is going well and their next (and hopefully final) trial is in the beginning of April so fingers crossed for then please!

A few months ago, whilst with friends, the topic of my parents case came up, and one friend said how in the 8/9 months he had known me he had seen a real change in me with the pressure of it all. His comments actually hit a nerve, he wasn’t being nasty... But he was right. I had felt the difference in myself other the summer. I could feel I wasn’t as happy go lucky, as funny or simply me. Because I’m saving as much money as I can, I haven’t been able to afford to do the things that make me Phoebe. I have a lovely horse called Custard who I wanted to get eventing, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. Same with Colin - he has had a winter out because I have no time to hunt him because I am working as much as I can. Do I begrudge it? Hell no! My parents come first every time and we are winning. We will get there. But one thing I did have that I could afford this winter was my point to pointer, he kept me sane... With all this hard work I had to have something for me, God knows having him made my life even harder, I’m sure lots of you have seen the getting up at 4am galloping in the dark videos!! But I loved it... Then, just before Christmas and a week off a run, I lost him. I don’t mind saying it crushed me. I was working so hard for nothing... So I had to take a breather from it all, even the council stuff - (only a couple of weeks mind! Whilst I needed to clear my head, I didn’t want the council thinking I had given up!!!!)

And I’m back with a bang...

You see I’m selfish... Very selfish, hence being single! The idea of having to think of someone else before I do something is crazyness to me! But anyone who knows me will tell you that although I am selfish I will do anything to help anyone if I possibly can. In the month or so that I’ve restocked I have made a plan – I bloody love plans!! Whether it’s with the horses, for myself or for people I help.. I love plan, an aim, a goal... Realistic or not, it makes no odds!! It makes my world turn and my world turning is all that matters!! Because when my world is turning I am excited and when I’m excited I’m fun... And fun and exciting is what life is about isn’t it?

So here’s my plan!

Over the summer I will be knocking down and re building my yard at home. I have just got permission for a walker and school and I am re fencing paddocks as I write. I won’t be having a big yard at home as l love doing horses totally myself and I also love how things are and don’t want to change much, especially doing my teaching etc. It’s also very important to me I can still keep my trips to Scotland up as I have made life long friends there. But I would love to have say 7/8 horses at home. At the end of this year I also hope to buy a really smart young horse and maybe syndicate him or her out! In the winter I want to continue my job breaking in yearlings as I love that side and learn so much. But, I will also have a couple of pointer to pointers again- one will be my ladies horse, there’s unfinished business there! How will I afford all this? Well when we win against the council I will get all my costs back! :D That will be a nice starting pot for me.. Will I get all this done in the next 9/10 months? Who knows.. But I do know I have to have a dream, a plan.. It’s 2017 - going to be some year?! Phoebe Buckley eventing domination? Where are the olympics in 2020?

Phoebe jumping Little Tiger aka Frosty around Badminton

You see life is about dreams, whether that dream is building a yard, jumping around Badminton, or even jumping a filler you never thought you could...

Don’t ever become like me, treading water as I have, over the past few months.. Whatever you are doing in life have a goal, an aim and that aim and goal should be to do something totally for you... Be selfish – you want to do something? Go do it... Because, even just getting off your backside and trying to do it, will make your world turn a little quicker. And trust me, quicker equals more excitement.

I'm off to go pull up some fence posts. Boring? Nah... It’s making my world turn quicker, and my world turning quicker can only mean my dream, my aim, my goal will happen sooner... :D

Over and out…

P xx

Phoebe Buckley



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It's no secret that here at Trot On we are not averse to a bit of pink! So, British Eventer, Emma Hyslop's idea to pledge to dye her horse, Waldo III, aka Wally, PINK from mane to tail in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the charity Breast Cancer Now is nothing short of fantastic.

The Emma Hyslop Eventing team have been aiming to get 30,000 followers throughout their social media groups by midnight 20th December 2015. The social media challenge began on 19 October when all of Emma’s social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were restarted.

Emma said, “We thought the winter months would be a great time to give something back and have a little fun with our social media pages.

“This is the fastest and most successful way to reach thousands of people and the easiest way to raise awareness. We need to spread the word of #comeonletsdyewallypink in support of Breast Cancer Now.”

Her existing sponsors have helped Emma out by organising goody-bags worth over £50 as prizes for the likes/shares/re-tweets/donations given. Winners will be chosen at random.

So, with just one week to go HELP SPREAD TO WORD! #comeonletsdyewallypink and raise some money for a fab charity to boot.

Emma Hyslop's social media pages:

Facebook : Emma Hyslop Eventing

Twitter : EHE Pink1

Instagram : ehe_pink1


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Following a head injury sustained in a XC fall at the World Young Horse Championships at Lion D'Angers, France on October 17th and a 3 week stay in hospital there before being flown home to UK a week ago, we are delighted to report that British eventer William Fox- Pitt has now been discharged from hospital to continue his rehabilitation at home. We continue to wish him well.

Update, Tuesday 17th November from Fox-Pitt Eventing

William has made good progress with his recovery and has now been discharged from hospital to continue his rehab at home.

“It is fantastic to be back home, it feels like it has been a long time away from my family,” said William, “I would like to thank all the doctors in France from the team at Le Lion D’Angers to those who looked after me in the ICU in Angers. The rehab team in Poole General Hospital have been incredibly thorough.

“The team at home have been doing an amazing job keeping everything going but luckily everything is quiet as the horses are all on their end of season break. I am looking forward to making a full recovery over the winter.”

The family continue to ask for privacy as William recovers.


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New Zealand eventer, Andrew Nicholson has been taking his recovery very seriously; taking it easy.

"I had no problem not riding because I appreciated the luck I'd been given to be able to walk around."

The Kiwi legend, who has a silver and two bronze Olympic medals to his name as well as three world championship medals, including one gold was lucky not to have been paralysed after sustaining a serious neck injury when falling at Gatcombe this summer.

In an interview with Irish eventer and commentator, Jonty Evans, Andrew reveals that after many falls in his career, he is very aware that this one was 'different'.  He has realised that the longer he can wait to get back in the saddle, the better the success of his recovery. He is healing well and on target to return to riding soon.

"The surgeon is very pleased with the work he's done and the way I've looked after his work.  It's just about being sensible now."

Such positive views from the medical specialists means that riding again should be a possibility if all is well after the next CT scan, due shortly. But the veteran rider sounded a note of caution over how seamless his return to the saddle could be.

"It's whether I've got the commitment to want to do it. At the moment I very much want to ride, but I fully understand I can hop on a horse and I may feel frightened, and [if that's the case] I wouldn't do it.

"I don't want to ride to make the numbers up. I don't want people to say I was only doing a good job considering he hurt his neck. I want to be doing a good job and winning.

"You never know until you try. I very much feel that's what I want to try. I think it's important to have something to aim at, and that's what I'm about to do."

Andrew Nicholson's commited determination to succeed in his recovery will only be a success, in his eyes, once he's back to his winning ways.

Take it easy, Andrew. Make the dream of a seventh Olympics, in Rio, a reality.



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Sad news for British eventer, Tina Cook as she faced the devastating news that her home bred 12 year old horse, De Novo News has had to be PTS after developing complications from shipping fever.

De Novo News was Tina's top horse - he was by Last News and she rode his dam, Douce De Longvaut round Burghley when the mare was in foal with him.

He had been moved to Newmarket Equine Hospital in August with fluid in his chest cavity after having developed shipping fever on his return home from competing in Strzegom, Poland in June. He had travelled with two other horses on the lorry and Tina had been especially careful to break the journey with appropriate breaks, so it was surprising that De Novo News fell ill. Further complications developed and the vets gave him a grim 10% chance of survival. However, the horse appeared to have rallied somewhat recently - putting on weight and going out in to the field.

"We thought he was going the right way and not far off coming home. The infection got into his joints and they couldn't manage it." - Tina Cook.

For more information on Shipping Fever and it's prevention, click HERE

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New Zealand eventer Andrew Nicholson is in hospital having sustained a neck injury falling from his horse while competeing at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe in Gloucestershire.

He was unseated from his horse, Cinnabradden Evo as it tripped and fell having jumped the final fence of the cross country course. It was reported by an eye witness that both horse and rider appeared to recover immediately, but that Nicholson became unwell shortly afterwards.

There were 3 ambulances at the scene. The six-time Olympian was rushed to Swindon Hospital and was then transferred to The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

A family spokesman confirmed the injury, saying: "Andrew has a neck injury and is currently undergoing treatment at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford."

Trot On wishes Andrew Nicholson a speedy recovery.


More like this Trot On's EVENTING group.


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The FEI European Eventing Championships are to take place at Blair Castle (10 - 13 September) for the first time.

As the host nation the British can select 12 riders rather than the usual 6.

The British squad of 12 are as follows:

  • Laura Collett and Grand Manoeuvre (pictured)
  • Dani Evans and Smart Times
  • William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero (pictured) - with direct reserve horse: Luxury FH
  • Pippa Funnell and Sandman 7 - with direct reserve horse: Second Supreme
  • Flora Harris and Bayano
  • Kitty King and Persimmon
  • Gemma Tattersall and Arctic Soul (pictured)
  • Izzy Taylor and Allercombe Ellie - with direct reserve horse: KBIS Briarlands Matilda
  • Oliver Townend and Fenyas Elegance (pictured)
  • Francis Whittington and Easy Target (pictured)
  • Nicola Wilson and One Two Many- with direct reserve horse: Annie Clover
  • Holly Woodhead and DHI Lupison


Congratulations to Dani, Flora, Gemma, Francis and Holly for being selected for the senior championships first time :)

A list of reserve riders is as follows (the riders will be called up this order):

  • Tom Jackson and Fiddlers Find
  • Will Oakden and Greystone Midnight Melody
  • Tina Cook and De Novo News
  • Jodie Adams and Wise Crack
  • Sarah Bullimore and Lilly Corinne
  • Emily Chandler and Coopers Law


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