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HEAVY going at Exeter Racecourse!


The racing Clydesdales are back! These magnificent heavy horses, supplied by Adventure Clydesdale a Dartmoor based enterprise, will be thundering down the track at Exeter Racecourse to help raise money for Devon Air Ambulance on 22nd November.

As part of the fund raiser, racegoers will have the opportunity to become a Clydesdale owner for the day. As an owner you will be able can stand in the paddock and chat to your professional jockey, and have access to my favourite part of the racecourse the owners and trainers bar!



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Friday, 23 October 2015 09:13

Should horses be made to wear nappies?

Is this a potty idea - something that is possibly going to get EVERYBODY going?  lol .... Should horses be made to wear Horse Diapers/Nappies?  or more accurately Horse manure collection devices?

The case has been made that they should do so, to a court in Indiana USA - fortunately la Grange County, which has a large Amish community (and hence a lot of horses) voted 3-0 against adopting the measure.  Background video on the case is above. Below a few photos of how these devices work and the variety of choices you have...

What do we think fellow horse lovers? Should we start buying these devices? Which one would you prefer?


The Bunbag






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Looking for a horse or pony? Did you know that when you rehome a horse, you actually rescue two, the horse or pony you have and the one that takes its place at the rescue centre. That’s a good reason to look at WHW’s horses and ponies (and donkeys) which are available for rehoming. These come in all sizes, ages and breeds and are judged to be ready to move on to homes where they can be companions or have a more adventurous life hacking, showing, driving, or competing. All the horses have up-to-date vaccinations and veterinary records and are micro-chipped and, most importantly to the potential rehomer, they are described comprehensively and honestly.

WHW has a team of people dedicated to making sure you and your horse suit each other; you can try out a riding or driving pony and know that it will do what is expected of it. The point is to find an honest horse to match the person. Horses are assessed for their suitability for different purposes and there are companions, children’s ponies, in-hand show ponies, happy hacks, riding and driving horses and some lovely potential competition horses as well as “projects”, which need an experienced keeper who can bring out their potential. WHW look after their horses for life and, if your circumstances change so that you can no longer keep the horse, they offer a safety net.

You’ll learn more if you watch the short video.

You can see the range of horses and ponies needing homes on their website, World Horse Welfare - Rehome a Horse. If you are genuinely interested and able to rehome a horse or pony, fill in an application on the site and know that WHW’s 80-plus years’ experience is at your service to help you find the right horse for you. Why not take a peek now?

p.s. The pony pictured is WHW Yogi Bear, a driving pony which has been successful at national and indoor driving trials. He's driven by all the family.

Fiona Powell

Visit a horse welfare centre?

Horse World, near Bristol, is having an open day and charity tack sale, Saturday, 19 September.

Remus Sanctuary, near Ingatestone, Essex is having an open day, Sunday, 4 October.

You can also visit the Horse Trust, near Princes Risborough, Hillside Sanctuary at West Runcton, Norfolk, The Redwings Horse Sancturies in Essex, Norfolk and Warwickshire and the four World Horse Welfare centres  in Aberdeenshire, Lancashire, Norfolk and Somerset. Please check the websites for details of opening hours and special events before you go.

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The FEI European Eventing Championships are to take place at Blair Castle (10 - 13 September) for the first time.

As the host nation the British can select 12 riders rather than the usual 6.

The British squad of 12 are as follows:

  • Laura Collett and Grand Manoeuvre (pictured)
  • Dani Evans and Smart Times
  • William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero (pictured) - with direct reserve horse: Luxury FH
  • Pippa Funnell and Sandman 7 - with direct reserve horse: Second Supreme
  • Flora Harris and Bayano
  • Kitty King and Persimmon
  • Gemma Tattersall and Arctic Soul (pictured)
  • Izzy Taylor and Allercombe Ellie - with direct reserve horse: KBIS Briarlands Matilda
  • Oliver Townend and Fenyas Elegance (pictured)
  • Francis Whittington and Easy Target (pictured)
  • Nicola Wilson and One Two Many- with direct reserve horse: Annie Clover
  • Holly Woodhead and DHI Lupison


Congratulations to Dani, Flora, Gemma, Francis and Holly for being selected for the senior championships first time :)

A list of reserve riders is as follows (the riders will be called up this order):

  • Tom Jackson and Fiddlers Find
  • Will Oakden and Greystone Midnight Melody
  • Tina Cook and De Novo News
  • Jodie Adams and Wise Crack
  • Sarah Bullimore and Lilly Corinne
  • Emily Chandler and Coopers Law


Join Trot On's EVENTING group HERE.


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Over the last 5 years Trot On has built up one of the largest and most diverse Equestrian Networks anywhere - over 160,000 people at the last count.

These are exciting times for Trot On - in the last 6 months we have gone live with our NEW and much enhanced Platform with lots of exciting new features and functionality which make talking HORSE 24/7 a whole lot simpler!

We are proud of the energetic and friendly community we have created and we are now actively looking for Equestrian Bloggers to join us.

Everybody who joins our community can contribute a blog posting - All postings will get profile and those postings we especially LIKE we will promote on the Platform and our other social media properties so you get the VISIBILITY you would expect from a community like ours

We give you PROFILE - A stage on which to perform - a place in which you can say your piece – speaking your mind on our established platform means that you have an immediate audience to listen to what you saying. Give it a GO - we will help when we can.

As Trot On continues to grow we will of course be on the lookout for editorial talent - those that are 100% Equestrian - 100% get social media and 100% love the way Trot ON looks at the equestrian world.

OUR MISSION: We want to inform and ENGAGE our fellow equestrians. We also know that everybody involved in the horse world has an opinion so whether you are an established Equestrian BLOGGER or a NEWBIE or a WANNABE and want some PROFILE give us a SHOUT....Trot On is looking for YOU!


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It’s tough being a rider sometimes. There’s just so much for us organise! Here are 5 tips to help ensure your competitive season is a successful one.

1. Check your equipment is safe.

Are you aware that riding hat regulations have changed? When buying a new riding hat the British Equine Federation advises that people should look to buy hats that are marked with PAS015, the new VG1 specification, or the revised EN1384 (once it has been published).

If your hat is marked (BS)EN1384 then it will not be permitted by most major organisations (BS, BE, BD, The Pony Club) after this year.

When dealing with horses, safety is paramount, and you can't afford to take any risks. Make sure you've serviced your lorry/trailer and riding equipment at the start of the season to avoid any accidents. For example, if your lorry/ trailer have been sitting around the tyres tread may look fine but the tyres could well have started to perish.

2. Get yourself fit.

Make sure you are ‘riding fit’, is often overlooked by riders who spend all their time getting their horses fit, but fail to work on their own fitness. You only need to speak to top eventers, such as William Fox-Pitt, to understand the importance of riders being in peak physical condition, to enable them to perform at their best. Having a training schedule for both you and your horse will help put you in a strong position.

3. Be organised (the 7p's).

"Proper, Pre, Planning, Prevents, P*ss, Poor, Performance"- this military adage couldn't be more apt than in the equestrian world.

Preparation is key to success. Don't be the person who learns the dressage test on the way to the event, or who parties the night before and turns up the to the show hung-over forgetting their saddle (we've all been there!). For the cost and effort you go to in trying to compete it's not worth being disorganised.

Bring a spare of almost everything. It's tough being organised when you have horses - there's just so much to remember. Don't just think about the equipment that you need to take with you on the morning of the show!

If you don't have a calendar buy one so that you make the right qualifiers and target the right shows. Do proper planning to make sure you get your entries in on time!

4. Know the rules.

Rules change all the time so make sure you are aware of them. If you are jumping - will two stops or three stops lead to elimination? What does it mean if you show jump in a Table A5 class, verses a Table A7 class? Get up to speed on the rules of the sport before they catch you out!

5. Wear sun cream.

Seriously, it's important. I couldn't count the amount of riders I've seen getting sun burnt at the shows and horses whose noses have turned a shade of bright pink! Pack some sun cream for both you and your horse.

Abi Rule

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