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Yoga for horse riders | Equestrian Fitness

What is yoga? Yoga is an ancient mind/body exercise that originated in India. Literally, it means ‘to unite’, regular practice unites the mind and body. When we are riding, we have to unite not only our own mind and body but the horse’s mind and body, and our own with theirs!! A rider who is in united in a strong,… READ MORE

5 Ways to Achieve a Strong Bond with your Horse

When everyone else seems to be in raptures about the wonderful bond they have with their horse it can be upsetting to realise that perhaps your horse is a little disinterested, or doesn’t respond to you as positively as you’d like. Well, never fear, here are my 5 fail-safe tips to help you and your horse build trust, respect and a life-long bond... READ MORE

February 2017- #horseyhoroscopes

Find out what FEBRUARY has in store for your horse!

Check out this month's predictions in HORSEY HOROSCOPES - Visit this group on the first day of every month to find out ... READ MORE

Is it Cruel to Pull a Horse's Mane?

Pulling a horse's mane, as most of you I'm sure already know, basically involves pulling out sections of hair using a small metal comb, in order to make it shorter, thinner and neater. And I can't deny it, I think a horse with a well pulled name looks extremely smart, and of course, it makes plaiting easier too. However, there ...READ MORE

Reasons your ski holiday WILL improve your riding!

Desperate to go skiing but struggling to justify such an expense so soon after Christmas? Here's several reasons skiing can help with your riding, and ensure a guilt free holiday!

Active Family Holiday

Many horse riders are accustomed to an ... READ MORE



JANUARY 2017 - #horseyhoroscopes

Find out what January has in store for your horse!

Check out this month's predictions in HORSEY HOROSCOPES - Visit this group on the first day of every month to find out what the universe has in store for you and ... READ MORE

7 Effective ways to prevent and remedy Mud Fever this winter

Get your thermals out everyone, it's that time of year again! A typical British winter means rain, despite the glorious, hope-filled promise of snow, we trudge through mud and stomp through puddles.

During this time of year Mud fever can become... READ MORE

There is no such thing as a 'naughty' horse!

Every horse and pony displays little quirks and reactions that we construct into a personality. We call some horses ‘cheeky’, some ‘pushy’ and some ‘stubborn’, but have you considered that these labels are actually our way of trying to understand... READ MORE


Are we being unfair to our “moody mares”?

Even in this modern age, certain cultural and societal stereotypes surrounding gender still haunt us all. One of the most popular notions is that men are rational, unemotional, straight forward beings that cannot understand

5 Reasons To Have Horses Instead Of Children!

We are not saying don't have children, but we are discussing some of the reasons you may decided having horses is better