Equestrian First Dates

Written by Monday, 19 June 2017 13:49

Equestrians are a special bunch, but undeniably they have certain qualities which make them pretty epic on a first date. Assuming that is, that they don’t meet you for dinner in their jods, boots, whip in hand and with a faint whiff of horse in their wake. I promise you you’ll be impressed.

A key fact to remember is that they are used to controlling a 500kg animal with their thighs, so trust me, you, are no trouble at all. Not only that, they can compete and perform to a high level despite little sleep, as early morning competition starts often require. That means you’ll never see them hanging around outstaying their welcome in the morning as they will be up and off to the yard sharpish. Plenty of hours in the saddle and plenty more of yard work gets you toned and fit pretty quick. A necessary amount of exercise when you see the skin tight pale jodhpurs needed for competition, which are incredibly unforgiving no matter how slim you are! Equestrians have no choice but to squeeze themselves into them on a regular basis.

Equestrians are no stranger to managing difficult personalities, although they may be less patient with you than with the difficult pony on the yard. People generally come second to horses. Conversation however will never be a problem, as in the case of running out of something to talk about, once on the topic of their horses they can go for hours.  It might not be your cup of tea, but all that is required of you is to feign interest and make a few encouraging noises here and there.

Just something to take note of, before you launch in for a goodnight kiss, remember that  you will always and forever be second fiddle to their horses, your weekends will disappear into the black hole that is competition life, and spare cash becomes a thing of the past. You will however, be immensely happier for it! So if you’re brave enough to enter into a second date, get ready for a crash course into the equestrian world…!

joae150As it says on the tin, this is a personal blog about the journey Archie and I are taking in discovering the world of eventing. Archie is a 6 year old Irish gelding, and I am a 26 year old horse addict. I didn’t grow up in a family with horses, and Archie was the first horse I ever owned, having loaned for over 20 years. I hope that we can show other riders who perhaps don’t feel that they can achieve their dreams, that anything is possible!

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