Why the Blue Cross is my favourite equine charity!

Written by Wednesday, 16 March 2016 13:17
Why the Blue Cross is my favourite equine charity! www.bluecross.org.uk

You've probably heard of the Blue Cross, a hugely important charity that rescues and rehomes animals, including cats, dogs, other small pets, and of course, HORSES. Personally, it's my favourite equine charity and here's why….

• They rescue and find new homes for horses and other animals whose owners are unable to give them the love and attention they need.

• They help educate people about animal welfare, running workshops across the country for new pet owners and visiting schools to teach children about the importance of looking after their animals properly.

• They provide veterinary care to animals whose owners are unable to afford expensive vet fees.

I find the history of the Blue Cross particularly interesting too. Originally called ‘Our Dumb Friends League’, the Charity was set up in 1837 to improve the welfare of the many horses that worked on the streets of London and were often treated appallingly. Anyone who has read or watched Black Beauty will know how important this work was! Then in 1906 the charity opened the world’s first animal hospital in Victoria. Since then they've grown to 12 rehoming centres across the country through which they help over 35,000 animals each year.

Polar Bear poses as she eats her hay  #multitasking

Of course they are always looking to find new homes for the horses they have taken in. Some make perfect companions whilst others can be trained or re-trained to become rideable with an experienced home. Re-homing one of these horses can be an amazing way to give an animal a second chance and a happier life. Our gorgeous companion pony, Polar Bear (she looks like her namesake when she gets her big fluffy coat!) is a rescue, and she has been wonderful – she is the sweetest pony, and absolutely loves children. She has even taken a two-year-old to a Pony Club Rally, and I’m not sure who had more fun! She is just one example of so many other success stories of rescue horses and ponies who have been re-homed. But if you can't rehome why not think about sponsoring a Blue Cross animal which helps the charity provide them with all the care they need.

Blue Cross fundraising events officer, Emma Jones with Delilah

There are lots of other ways that we can get involved too. The charity relies on its many volunteers so you could look into that, and of course you could fund-raise. Fund raising can be anything from doing a sponsored ride, to even doing something as simple as cleaning everyone on the yard’s tack for a small donation. Visit their website for more ideas and info about fundraising. And if you’re feeling adventurous take part in one of their exciting ‘challenge’ events. In April this year, the charity are organising the ‘Dalai Lama Trek’ across North India, where volunteers will embark on a five day trek through the foothills of the Himalayas, being sponsored to help to raise money for this wonderful cause. I think it sounds amazing, and would love to do something like that one day, if I ever feel brave enough!

To find out more about how you can get involved, visit the Blue Cross’ website. Do you have your own story about adopting a rescue horse or pony because I'd love to hear about it!

Ellie Fells



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