5 Things To Expect When You're Dating An Equestrian

Written by Tuesday, 08 December 2015 12:36

1. You will only have tea after the horses have been fed.

In an equestrians world, 99% of the time, the horse's come first. If you think that your tea will be served before the horses - then you are out of luck. You'll also be lucky to have tea by 8pm, what with all the yard duties and evening riding :-).

2. You will hear the word 'horse' at least 100 times a day - if not more!

"My horse, your horse, horses, I love horses...", you will hear the word "horse" constantly. You'll also probably learn how to switch off every time you hear it, to stop you going star-crazy!

3. Weekends will be taken up by horse shows

You'll probably go to shows at the start of your relationship, however you'll soon learn that this is not your idea of a quiet, relaxing, weekend. Copious people running around like headless chickens, horses escaping, people laughing, crying, shouting.  After a couple of shows you will find yourself making up some excuse about why you can't attend.

4. You're house will look like an extension of your partners tack room - fact.

Bridles, saddles, bits, you name they've got it in the house somewhere. Be prepared to accept this.

5. Be prepared for one hell of an emotional roller coaster

Horses are seriously hard work and you'll probably end up being a comfort blanket for your partner when things get tough. If you are dating a rider, be prepared to jump aboard the emotional roller coaster of the world of horses.

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