Shout Out for Equestrian Bloggers Everywhere - Trot ON is looking for YOU!

Written by Thursday, 02 July 2015 15:05

Over the last 5 years Trot On has built up one of the largest and most diverse Equestrian Networks anywhere - over 160,000 people at the last count.

These are exciting times for Trot On - in the last 6 months we have gone live with our NEW and much enhanced Platform with lots of exciting new features and functionality which make talking HORSE 24/7 a whole lot simpler!

We are proud of the energetic and friendly community we have created and we are now actively looking for Equestrian Bloggers to join us.

Everybody who joins our community can contribute a blog posting - All postings will get profile and those postings we especially LIKE we will promote on the Platform and our other social media properties so you get the VISIBILITY you would expect from a community like ours

We give you PROFILE - A stage on which to perform - a place in which you can say your piece – speaking your mind on our established platform means that you have an immediate audience to listen to what you saying. Give it a GO - we will help when we can.

As Trot On continues to grow we will of course be on the lookout for editorial talent - those that are 100% Equestrian - 100% get social media and 100% love the way Trot ON looks at the equestrian world.

OUR MISSION: We want to inform and ENGAGE our fellow equestrians. We also know that everybody involved in the horse world has an opinion so whether you are an established Equestrian BLOGGER or a NEWBIE or a WANNABE and want some PROFILE give us a SHOUT....Trot On is looking for YOU!


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