Jonelle Price and mare, Classic Moet Doing It For the Girls | Badminton Horse Trials in pictures

Written by Friday, 11 May 2018 10:38
Bagging the biggest win of her career, New Zealander, Jonelle Price became the first female winner of Badminton Horse Trials since Lucinda Fredericks back in 2007.

 Dressage rider with top hat riding a black horse in a dressage arena Badminton Horse trials


Dressage rider wearing top hat riding black horse in dressage competition Badminton Horse trials

 dressage rider wearing top hat riding black horse in dressage arena Badminton Horse trials


The win with Classic Moet aka Molly came after a shaky showjumping phase, when several rails were rattled but none fell. The final, decisive phase of a three-day event isn't the horse's strong suit. 


"It is the first clear round she's jumped on final day for years. Despite rattling a few poles, despite the nervous moments for all those watching, it was a really good round."

event rider Jonelle Price riding a black horse jumping log into water on cross country course Badminton Horse Trials



Classic Moet's forte, however is her speed. She was a clear 10 seconds quicker than the second fastest horse (Arctic Soul) over the cross country phase of the competition. Second-placed Oliver Townend said: "I hope the public understands what that horse is. I don't think we'll see another cross country galloper like it in our lifetime."I couldn't keep up with it in the prize giving – it was about ten strides ahead of me, I looked down for a moment, and when I looked back up it was on the other side of the arena! I'd give anything for a foal out of it."

dressage rider Jonelle Price smiling wearing top hat

Speaking after her victory Jonelle said,

"I certainly had lady luck on my side, but sometimes you need a little luck.

"I sat down last night with Mark Todd who has been there numerous times before — we're often neighbours in the truck park.

"He said to me over a drink 'every dog has its day'. I said 'are you calling Molly (Classic Moet) a dog, and he said no - you'.

"It was a silly little moment, he was right, sometimes it is just meant to be and certainly today was our day."

The Price website contains a hilarious description of the Classic Moet.
 "Molly would, if she were a person, come from Swindon (or West Auckland for our NZ followers), be a couple of stone overweight, have several tattoos, wear a too-tight leather jacket over skintight leopard skin pants, have a boyfriend with an IQ of 10 who is a club bouncer, and four children by four different fathers."
"Molly is a legend but a kind of rock and roll one like Mick Jagger as opposed to the Princess type!"

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