Heart Break for Para Equestrian Sophie Wells

Written by Wednesday, 07 March 2018 11:30
Sophie Wells GBR and Valerius Sophie Wells GBR and Valerius Photo Liz Gregg/FEI (detail)

Treatment at the Newmarket Equine Hospital leaves an uncertain prognosis for para equestrian Sophie Wells' horse Valerius. The 16-year-old Flemmish gelding, may not compete again. Valarius, AKA Reece sustained a suspensory injury in both hind legs and had investigations at Newmarket in January. 

 He’s played a massive part in making me the rider and trainer I am today and will always be with me, in my heart ❤️

Sophie is heartbroken at the news and has spoken fondly of her horse on social media

"I fell in love with his character. He’s never grown up, is a Labrador, and is always in to everything. He’s the guard dog of the yard and always knows when something isn’t right. He’s big and bolshy and in your face, but he’s also the softest, sweetest horse underneath it all, he just likes to hide it! He knows when I’m not feeling quite right and his demeanour changes completely. He’s needy to me, but I love him to the moon and back, I would do absolutely anything for him."

Over the 11 years that Sophie and Reece have been a partnership, they have won nine gold medals and three silver medals across European and World Championships and Paralympic Games.

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