Are we Paying Too Much for Equestrian Brands?

Written by theclotheshorse Monday, 05 February 2018 11:14

A couple of years ago I bought myself a Superdry jacket for a spring holiday in Exmoor. It then became the jacket I changed into when I threw off the jacket I'd been wearing on the yard to avoid driving people away with my horsy pong when I went shopping! However, the following year it ended up being the jacket that I wore for yard work and riding. Not only did it look really good, but it was lightweight whilst keeping me lovely and warm. It had some wonderful details like elasticated panels at the side so it was comfortable to move in, plus elasticated inner cuffs to prevent the wind whistling up the sleeves. And that's not to mention the wonderfully sturdy double zip system that really helped prevent any unwanted drafts AND they never got stuck once! A few years on and it's still in top condition.

This year however, I was given a Horseware Ireland jacket for Christmas. At the time I was pretty happy as it looks good (I’ve even been complimented  on it) and is water resistant too. However, I think there isn't a day goes by when the zip doesn't get stuck on the flimsy bit of material behind it. It absolutely drives me mad! And then a couple of weeks ago I found that the lining had come away under the sleeve.

The jacket was actually a medium when I'm only a size 10 but I always like jackets to be roomy so this definitely wasn't caused by it being too tight! Also as I haven't ridden this year for various reasons, it hasn't come in for much abuse. Now the Horseware jacket was cheaper than the Superdry one but at over £70 it still wasn't cheap and surely you should expect zips that don't get stuck all the time and a lining that doesn't split within a month!

Have you had experiences like me with equestrian brands not being worth the price tag? And do you opt for non-equestrian brands?


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