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Written by Thursday, 26 October 2017 09:40
Bend and Stretch Samantha Bardill-Bobyn

Archie’s health is of the upmost importance to me and so getting him seen by an equine physio who I trusted was one of the very first things I did when he joined our family. I was incredibly lucky that Samamtha Bardill-Bobyn was already looking after many horses locally and she has been keeping Archie in tip top shape ever since. She has been working for the past seven years as a veterinary physiotherapist, lending her healing hands and knowledge to both horses and dogs. Sammy started out in physiotherapy after completing her degree in animal science and further training with competition horses, giving her impressive breadth and depth of knowledge. Her rapidly expanding business is juggled with lecturing in equine physiology and anatomy, working with veterinary physio students, spending time with her family and riding her gorgeous mare Ruby. Despite her busy schedule Sammy is always happy to help, and goes out of her way to support her clients, turning up at the drop of a hat in an emergency and investing both time and emotion in their horses.

This is the first of many blogs which will feature Sammy's advice, but to start with I asked her what her top tips to the everyday rider would be, for keeping their horses in the best musculoskeletal condition possible;

A well fitted saddle

We can all be guilty of forgetting about our saddles, thinking we had it checked last month when it was actually a year ago. Horses change shape and keeping your saddle fitting correctly is vital in keeping your horse comfortable.

A strong core

A horse’s impulsion comes from its hindquarters, and to be working powerfully and effectively their abdominal muscles and core need to be strong. This allows them to work over their backs and lift up to support themselves.


Flexibility and suppleness mean that the horse can move freely and without restriction. This freedom of movement helps avoid stiffness and tension creeping in. Simple exercises such as a carrot stretches to the side and between the front legs help to improve both flexion and core strength. Think of it like Pilates for horses.

I am overjoyed to announce that Sammy and I have come together in a new partnership this year, and as I would have always recommended her services, without a moment’s hesitation, I am delighted to now be able to represent her and her business. On top of this we will be bringing you blogs featuring her tips and advice on how to keep your horse healthy throughout the year.

Learn more about Sammy at:

joae150 As it says on the tin, this is a personal blog about the journey Archie and I are taking in discovering the world of eventing. Archie is a 6 year old Irish gelding, and I am a 26 year old horse addict. I didn’t grow up in a family with horses, and Archie was the first horse I ever owned, having loaned for over 20 years. I hope that we can show other riders who perhaps don’t feel that they can achieve their dreams, that anything is possible!


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