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Written by Friday, 20 October 2017 09:30
V for Victorious | Equestrian Fashion acountrylady.co.uk
I love discovering special brands who clearly have a real passion for what they do and I’ve always loved handmade/artisan jewellery.  Recently, I was approached by Viki, from Victorious, who introduced me to her brand and I’ve been an advocate ever since.

I spent the day with the wonderful Lizzie Churchill,  looking through some products which we both adored.  Below are some of my favourite pieces. These can all be found on the Victorious website, here.

The pieces look great by themselves or stacked up. As usual I went overboard on the stacking!


What I really love is the rustic feel of the jewellery. While Vikki has a mix of country/equestrian pieces, of course my favourite was the equestrian themed pieces. I particularly loved the double stirrup necklace pictured below.

This jewellery is really versatile and can be worn for pretty much any occasion.


A Country Lady


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