A horse rider who was left with four broken ribs and a punctured lung when her horse was spooked by an undertaking cyclist says people on bikes to be more aware of how to share the road safely with those on horseback.

The rider, whose name was given only as Karen, had almost returned to her yard after a ride on her horse Polly when the incident happened last Tuesday, the Horse & Hound reports. No details of the location were provided.

She said:

"There was no traffic. I didn’t hear the cyclist and he didn’t shout to say he was passing – there were only inches between the edge of the road, him and me. 

“He came so close he was just about touching my stirrup. Polly got a fright and jumped off all four legs across the road.

“There was a lay-by across the road with a parked car and Polly went into the car and I came off. I remember not being able to breathe or speak.”

An occupant of one of two vehicles that stopped at the scene happened to be a nurse who works in A&E and called for an ambulance.

“I could see the cyclist stopped but he never came over and then he was gone.

“He left me.”

Her horse, a 15-year-old mare, was found at the stables.

After spending four days in hospital, Karen is now recovering at home... READ MORE

When Horse Riders and Cyclists Collide!

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Meg Worrell-Hart from North Somercotes was thrown across the top of a car when it passed too close and struck her horse Dave on Saturday.

A young horse rider who was flung from her steed has urged motorists to take care in a viral open letter - triggering a staggering reaction worldwide.

Meg Worrell-Hart, 21, was thrown from her horse on Saturday, January 20 when she was riding near her home.

She published an open letter on Facebook following the accident urging motorists to be cautious when passing horses - a post which has now gained over 45,000 likes and 55,000 shares, with messages of support coming from as far as California...

An open letter to all drivers.
I’ve only just stopped crying enough to write this. 
My absolute worst nightmare happened today. 
I was almost home aboard my pride and joy after a lovely hack. I heard a car approaching from behind far too fast I signalled at them to slow down but they didn’t. As they were almost level with us Dave was spooked and reared up. They were far too close and coming far too fast to avoid us, we did not stand a chance. 
They hit us at roughly 45mph, I was thrown over the top of the car and landed in the road. 
Dave took off for home. 
We’re both very sore and shaken up. Dave has a possible hairline fracture In his shoulder but we won’t know until the painkillers have worn off. Physically we’ll heal but I doubt we’ll ever hack again.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to pass horses wide and slow. Next time you see a horse and rider on the road please think. There is a person aboard that horse who has a family and is cared about. That horse is everything to them. That person cares for his needs twice a day. Every day. All year round. He is their family, their friend, their teammate, their everything. 
That horse and rider on the road may be an inconvenience in your busy life but they are real people and animals who feel fear and pain who are loved and cared about and they deserve your respect. 
Please slow down.
I can’t thank the ladies in the car behind enough for consoling me and being so kind as I was in a blind panic and in floods of tears.
The driver was more worried about to damage to his stupid car. 
I am so so angry 
You have to slow down or people are going to die.
Meg Worrell-Hart
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Dragged across a road by her horse after he was spooked by mindless dirt bikers, teenager Megan Hill feels lucky to be alive.

What should have been a pleasant daily ride turned into a nightmare for the 17-year-old who ended up being dragged semi conscious behind horse Sox.

The teenager told how idiot bikers frightened the seven year old gelding which bolted, leaving Megan with a shattered ankle, bruised pelvis and other injuries.

 “They don’t have any common sense. Before when I’ve been on that track, riders have been coming towards us.

“Some have no respect and come flying up from behind us.”

Mum, Kelly added: “We could understand if these riders didn’t see them, but they’ve come back at them again - it’s unbelievable.

“They need to think of the consequences of what could have happened.”   READ MORE

Northumbria Police is investigating the incident, and anyone with information is urged to call 101 quoting reference number 769 28 12 17.


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South Suffolk MP James Cartlidge has voiced his support in the Houses of Parliament last week for a campaign to help safeguard horses and riders.

During a debate on the safety of riders and horses on rural roads, Mr Cartlidge thanked Hadleigh resident and horse rider Christine Brindle, whom he met at her stables last July and who also attended the debate, for helping raise awareness for the Pass Wide and Slow campaign, promoting respect for equestrian road users.

He raised the question of whether changes to the law could help enforce the idea, but also suggested a nationwide public messaging effort should be taken up, inspired by the ongoing ‘THINK! bike’ campaign... READ MORE


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What a gentleman! Realising the horses may be spooked by his trailbike, this motorbike-rider thoughtfully turned off the engine and inqured as how best to pass... he had polos in his pocket too. RESULT!

The bike rider is James Higgs and his video has gone viral with over 1,0000 views on social media.

He keeps his bikes on a livery yard so he is used to encountering horses.

“I’ve hacked out a few times as a beginner but stopped after I injured my knee in a fall, which hurt a great deal more than any fall I have had whilst riding motorcycles,” he added. “You horse riders really are some tough people.”

Thank you, James.



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