Herd of Horses Rounded Up in Peterborough Housing Estate

Written by Wednesday, 05 July 2017 10:07


Ten horses and ponies found wandrering around a Peterborough housing estate, were rescued after escaping from a field.

The incident was described as "extremely careless and irresponsible" as sadly, it was thought that they had been released deliberately.

Fenland Animal Rescue worked alongside the RSPCA and the police to return the animals back to their paddock.

"I cannot stress enough at how dangerous these situations can be to the public. Under no circumstances should animals be approached whilst roaming free." - Josh Flannigan, Fenland Animal Rescue

"These horses could easily have strayed on to a busy road and been hurt or killed if involved in an accident. This also puts the lives of drivers at risk." - Justin Stubbs, RSPCA Inspector



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