'Stop eating horses', Brigitte Bardot tells Maltese

Written by Bertrand Borg Friday, 30 June 2017 11:41

French celebrity activist pens open letters to Maltese and PM Muscat

Film star turned animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot has urged Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Maltese people to "stop eating horses".

"Although the island of Malta seems to a [sic] paradise for humans, it is hell for animals!" the celebrity activist wrote in an open letter to Dr Muscat.

Ms Bardot, who was once described as "a locomotive of women's history" by feminist and intellectual Simone de Beauvoir, told Malta's Prime Minister that she often received letters from tourists shocked by the way horses were "left to their fate in a shocking state of decrepitude".

The former actress ascribed this callousness to the fact that Maltese still eat horsemeat and suggested Dr Muscat should take a stance and ban the "monstrous aberration".

Ms Bardot during her film star days in 1962. Photo: Wikipedia

"The horse, like the dog, is a life companion not an edible product," she wrote, before appealing to Dr Muscat's pride. "Sometimes politicians show courage," she wrote, "maybe you are one of them?"

Ms Bardot also offered a solution to Malta's proliferation of stray cats, suggesting a sterlisation campaign "as we do in France."

Perhaps concerned that Dr Muscat might not legislate to ban the eating of horse meat, Ms Bardot also penned another open letter addressed to the Maltese people.

"Animals, especially horses are wonderful, intelligent, instinctive and fearful beings," she wrote. "I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart to stop eating horses."...READ MORE



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