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Written by World Horse Welfare Saturday, 20 May 2017 08:52
END THESE LONG JOURNEYS| World Horse Welfare Petition World Horse Welfare


Act now to urge the European Commission to change the law that is failing horses

Every year around 50,000 horses are needlessly transported thousands of miles across Europe to slaughter. These mares, stallions, youngsters and geldings are given little chance to rest, eat or drink during arduous journeys which can last for days on end.  They arrive at their destination severely dehydrated, in pain, stressed, completely drained of energy and broken in spirit.

This doesn’t have to happen.

Scientific evidence shows horse health and welfare suffer on long journeys, so we are calling on the European Commission to change the law that allows horses to be transported for 24 hours at a time, urging them to impose a maximum journey limit of no more than 12 hours. Such a limit is not only in line with the recommendation of the European Food Safety Authority - The Commission’s own scientific advisors, but would also make it easier for transporters to comply with enforcement agencies to enforce the legislation as these shorter journeys could be harmonised with driver working and rest times.

With your support we have already helped to achieve so much in improving conditions for these horses, and reducing the numbers transported from 165,000 in 2001 to around 50,000 today. We now urgently need you to sign our petition - while the UK is still part of the EU - to bring the UK’s collective pressure to bear on the European Commission as we work towards our goal of putting a stop to the long-distance transport of horses across Europe to slaughter by 2027.

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