Rare twin horses born Texas

Written by Mary Huber Friday, 19 May 2017 09:44
Rare twin horses born Texas Courtesy/Jenny Tucker


When Jenny Tucker went to feed her quarter horse Sophie last week, she could tell the fur around her tail had gotten softer. Though her belly was still small, she had a feeling the 12-year-old mare would give birth that night. She was showing all the signs.

Tucker went to sleep before midnight. Her husband Landry stayed up and checked out the window periodically to see how Sophie was holding up. Somewhere around 11 p.m., he spotted a small newborn foal lying beside his mother by a fence post in the yard. He screamed to Jenny, “She had it!”

Before his wife was able to throw on her clothes and run to the lawn, he yelled back, “She had two!”

Bonnie and Clyde, twin quarter horses, were born before midnight on May 11 on the Tucker’s farm in Bastrop County — a rare occurrence since only about 1 in 10,000 twin foals survive to term... READ MORE


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