Holidays and Horses

Written by Tim Hayes Thursday, 22 December 2016 10:43
Holidays and Horses Photo courtesy of: The Center For America’s First Horse

It’s the holiday season: families, friends, eating, travel, reflection, spirituality and gifts. Before running out to buy the new I-Phone or that GAP gift certificate, I’d like to share some thoughts with all of us lucky enough to have a horse in our life. As the years go by I become more aware of and grateful for the amazing gifts I receive not only from my horse Austin but from every horse I try and help.

I believe happiness is a feeling that spontaneously originates inside me. No matter what things or situations I have on the outside, if I look to them to keep me happy, my happiness eventually disappears. If I’m feeling good about myself, if my relationships are working positively, most of the time I feel happy. So the question becomes; if my happiness begins to fade as I start to get scratches on my new car, what can I do to help me feel good about myself and stay happy on the inside.

For me the answer is the same advice I got when I was a little kid: It’s called”The Golden Rule”: Treat others the way I want them to treat me and treat myself the same way. If I have a happy relationship with myself, I have a very good chance of having a happy relationship with others; spouse, partner, father, mother, son, daughter, friends, boss, etc. When my relationships bring me happiness, I feel even happier. It’s the ideal win-win situation.

The greatest teacher of The Golden Rule and all it’s ingredients I have ever known is the horse. From years of studying how horses treat each other in their relationships I now understand that they are treating me the same as they would another horse. I have discovered they possess the same 12 “Golden Rule” qualities that I want to be treated with from others as surely as they want me to use to treat them: acceptance, kindness, understanding, patience, generosity, trust, consistency, honesty, justice, respect, compassion and forgiveness. Another way to say it with just one word is”Love”... READ MORE

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