Great outcome for pony, Cinders, injured in a horrific acid attack

Written by Tuesday, 25 September 2018 08:59
Great outcome for pony, Cinders, injured in a horrific acid attack Bruce Adams/Daily Mail


Good news! After months of surgery and medical treatment, Cinders has made a remarkable recovery from the horrific acid burns five months ago.

She will now have a very comfortable life at a beautiful country house in North Yorkshire where she will be cared for by some amazing people who are well known to the team at Rainbow, the equine hospital where the pony underwent extensive surgery having been abandoned, suffering from severe facial burns.

Dave Rendle, Rainbow’s internal equine medicine specialist said Cinders has made a very good recovery.

‘She eats a bit slowly because of her lip and skin grafts but has no major health issues,’ said Mr Rendle. 

‘There is no reason to believe she is in discomfort as she behaves very normally.

‘It has been a gradual process of recovery. She is ready to go to a new home where she will be spoilt rotten and want for nothing.’

‘The injuries were as bad as they get and we came very close to putting her down. Thankfully it has worked out well for Cinders.’

“She is always bright and happy, and is extremely cheeky. She loves human, equine, canine and ovine company and seems to have no issues around new people despite all she has been through. She has put on weight and has no long-term effects from her ordeal.”

“We would like to publicise the fact that she has made such a great recovery in order to thank everyone who contributed towards her care and in order to update the army of fans she has worldwide,” Mr Rendle said.
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