Acid attack on horse leaves filly with horrific injuries

Written by Monday, 30 April 2018 11:04
Cinders' facial injuries will take time to heal but she is making very good progress. Cinders' facial injuries will take time to heal but she is making very good progress. Rainbow Equine Hospital


“Cinders” as she is now called was rescued after being abandoned and suffering from severe facial, presumed chemical, burns. She was attended by the RSPCA and a local equine vet before being transported to the hospital for further assessment and treatment. When she arrived at the hospital she was very weak and was unable to open her eyes due to severe burns affecting her eyelids. It is thought that the attack was deliberate and resulted from a chemical being thrown in her face. 

"We believe the horse was deliberately dumped after its injuries had been inflicted," said vet Dave Rendle. "It was dumped at a private yard so we assume whoever dumped it was hoping it would be found and receive treatment. But for whatever reason, they weren’t prepared to organise this treatment themselves.

"She was very weak, stressed, thin and dirty when she arrived at the hospital but has coped extremely well here. We hope she will make a full recovery and find a nice private home where she will be cared for."

An online fundraising page set up by the hospital to raise money for Cinders’ treatment reported that the horse, believed to be around eight months old, was making good progress.

The team at Rainbow Equine Hospital treated her with pain relief and antibiotics, her face was cleaned and the areas of dead skin carefully removed to reduce the risk of infection. She was anaemic due to the ongoing blood loss and a heavy burden of skin of intestinal parasites. A blood transfusion was given to increase levels of blood cells and proteins that are vital for healing. Once the treatment had started, she started to eat and become much brighter stronger.


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