Equine Extreme breeding: Beautiful or Ugly?

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Nine-month-old El Rey Magnum is a purebred Arabian horse, bred by US-based Orrion Farms.

Photos of him shared on the farm's website show he has an exceedingly long neck, as well as a sharply, elongated nose, wide flared nostrils and widely spaced eyes that stick out from his head.

Reaction on social media has been polarized with some commentators declaring the horse beautiful and others horrified.

Video: The World Has Been Waiting. El Rey Magnum RFC. Orrion Farms

Orrion's breeding advisor, Doug Leadley, says he is a "stepping stone to getting close to perfection", but others disagree.

Although Arabian horses are known and prized in part for their distinctive smaller heads, horse experts, enthusiasts and others say that El Ray Magnum’s distorted features mean breeders have taken things too far.

 ‘This is incredible - it’s almost cartoon-like. Quite freakish. My gut reaction is it is awful - I don’t like the look of it. It’s not particularly attractive’. Jonathan Pycock, president of the British Equine Veterinary Association
‘In a word this looks horrific. ‘The foal in the video shows a markedly more dished nose even than its mother and has obviously been bred to achieve this.’ Roly Owers, equine vet and chief executive of World Horse Welfare. 

UK equine expert Tim Greet said ‘I wondered at first whether this was a “photoshop” joke, but clearly it is intended to be deadly serious - which of course is what it is - truly horrific!

‘I find the whole thing unbelievable. Arabians have always had a rather “dished” face but this takes things to a ridiculous level.

‘Actually this deformity is even more significant for a horse than for a dog. Dogs like man can mouth breathe, but horses can ONLY breathe through their nose. I suspect exercise would definitely be limited for this horse.’

US vets recognised El Rey as an example of an extreme breed. One vet confirmed the horse had no medical issues or respiratory issues.



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  • Comment Link Cindi Carlson Monday, 16 October 2017 11:38 posted by Cindi Carlson

    This colt is deformed...and his breeders should be prevented from doing this to any more horses...shameful.