Horses Miraculously Survive Napa Fire and Find Their Way Home

Written by Jason Sarna Friday, 13 October 2017 09:15
Horses Miraculously Survive Napa Fire and Find Their Way Home Image viaTwitter

The death toll in the Northern California wildfires has reached 31, but these two horses managed to survive.

When Pepe Tamayo and his family tried to escape the wildfires in Northern California, their road to safety was blocked and the family of five was trapped.

“You can see the big ‘ol flames like 15, 20 feet high and I told my family, ‘pack up whatever is important, leave,'” Tamayo told ABC 7. “And I said I’m done, I’m gonna die.”

With no other options, Tamayo set his two horses – Lolly and Sammie – free in hopes they would survive.

The family was eventually air lifted to safety via helicopter, but their dog, Lizzy, also had to be left behind.

“I put it inside the truck, one of the firemen told me he was going to take care of it,” Tamayo said.

Thankfully, the dog survived, and on Tuesday morning, the two horses miraculously showed up at Tamayo’s homestead unscathed by the deadly flames... READ MORE
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