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Trot On added a video. 6 hours 5 minutes ago

Trail Riding training with no gear. Goldrush &...

No Saddle, Bridle or Free Rein. Goldrush and I going on our first trail ride in Novemeber with no gear. I have been slowly training Goldrush to go...

Kaitlin Woods shared a photo. yesterday

Always ❤️

I find that when I ride I really struggle to keep my lower leg secure. Does anyone have any tips, maybe some exercises I can do at home to help to... Show more

Kaitlin Woods I’m going to be following this as I feel the same! But I find bounces are a really good way of keeping my leg secure and in the right place although... Show more yesterday

Do Horses Prefer to Approach Submissive People?

Kaitlin Woods
added a new comment to blog Trevidden. RIP, my friend. 3 days ago

So sad, what a great partnership [...]

Trot On added a video. 3 days ago

Great Dane Dog Befriends Wild Horses | The Dodo

Great Dane Loves To Make Friends With Wild Horses | This sanctuary rescues wild horses from auctions where they're rounded up to be sold to anyone...

Trot On added a video. 3 days ago

Stars in the Spotlight: John Whitaker

John and his brother Michael are two of the most famous names in British showjumping - largely due to the partnership between John and his famous...

Trot On updated the article: Trevidden. RIP, my friend. 3 days ago

Trevidden. RIP, my friend.

TB's can really drop condition fast can't they! So glad you're keeping him on low starch/sugar feed. I'm a big believer in a high fibre diet and use Simple Systems. Highly likely he's got Ulcers but if they don't find any, we've found that 'Acid Ease' really helped with our new horse who was quite sore around girth and abs. Look forward to finding out how you get on ? [...]

Julie Moore added a video. 6 days ago

Love what Ebony Riding Club is doing!!!

The inner city kids choosing horses over gangs...

Tucked away in one of England's most deprived city neighbourhoods is an unlikely sight - a riding school. Ebony Horse Club can be found in Brixton,...

2 months, 1 week in! | Taking on an Ex-Racehorse

Ellie Fells He is a beautiful boy! Huge good luck with him, I've been lucky enough to work with a few ex-racehorses and it has been so re 2 days ago
Trot On updated the article: Healthy Equestrians 7 days ago

Healthy Equestrians
Healthy Equestrians

At this time of year there are endless articles popping up on my news feed…

Trot On updated the article: Get Off Your High Horse! 1 week ago

Get Off Your High Horse!

Ellie Fells So interesting! I was just reading an essay about horses in medieval culture (for my degree!) and 2 days ago
Trot On added a video. 1 week ago

Horses regret going outside in the snow

Some of us can handle the cold... and SOME CAN'T!