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FEI to fine owners of loose dogs at equestrian events

Trot On added a video. 3 days ago

Free Rider, Dally, the Jack Russell

This cute dog was caught on camera riding his friend the horse and play with him. The two adorable animals have many fans all over the internet-...


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Trot On updated the article: The Sound of Happiness - a Snort! 1 week ago

The Sound of Happiness - a Snort!

I think this is such a big issue. I've just had to start using a flash attachment as my mare has started to get her tongue over the bit, and I'm being told left, right and center to 'tighten it up'. There is nothing I hate more than a mouth strapped shut, my mares flash is loose enough to still allows her to open her mouth and move it, but is just tight enough to stop her tongue from slipping over the top. Too many people use the flash and grackle for the wrong reasons and more definitely needs to be done about it. [...]

Anyone used colour enhancing shampoo? Especially on dark horses. Grace seems to be turning a tad ginger with the heat we've been having - wondered... Show more


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Good decision 👍

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Trot On added a video. 2 weeks ago

2 Shetland Ponies go for a swim - TV Episode 184

It's so hot in England , the ponies are beating the heatwave by cooling off in the river. Join Creme Caramel and Creme Brûlée going for a swim !

I had the unfortunate experience of meeting a group of ‘racing’ cyclists whilst out on a hack. No attempt was made by the group of 6 cyclists to slow down even when requested to do so. One pulled out from the back of the group and overtook whilst saying “ bl**** horse riders I hate them, keep going” I met a second group following who were absolutely brilliant, they slowed and called out hi, we said thankyou and everyone was happy. There needs to be some serious educating of cyclists and appropriate behaviour around horses. [...]

I have a mare who constantly shies given half a chance, if I ask her to face the object she is shying at she makes a great drama of it and turns it in to a battle. If I ask her for a shoulder in and to collect, she is so busy thinking of ways to not do as I ask she forgets to shy. Unconventional or not it works :) [...]