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Debate: Que raza de caballos es más potente galopando, Champán o Purasangre.

Me encantan los caballos

The whole debate around rugging your horse does get pretty tiresome - especially as you can set your watch by the plethora of blog posts and articles that are published every Autumn around the topic. The truth of the matter is that there's always going to be extremes of opinion on this subject. The biggest issue we find with rugging our horses is keeping up with the changeability of the UK weather system! Far easier to deal with extreme coldness than it is moderate weather with bursts of wind/rain and sunny spells. Over the last few years we've been rugging our unclipped natives very little and have noticed improvements in skin and coat quality as a result. We'd rather spend more on hay and feed through the winter months than risk our horses being a bit too warm with their rugs on. Overall the spend isn't drastically increased as we aren't having to place out yearly rug orders with (much to their disappointment no doubt). But I think overall we have happier, more comfortable horses as a result of being more prudent with our ability to rug them, and now do ere on the side of cold - if that makes sense? [...]

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Dianne Engleke

Gioia, my yearling Thoroughbred

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Spending hours searching the internet about how to get my lover back i was glad that i contacted robinson_bucler@yahoo. com. He brought my lover back !!!!!!!!!!!!______________________________________•°*”˜.•°*”˜« ❤* ((ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION)) ((DIABETES)) ((HERPES GENITAL WART)) ((LOW SPERM COUNT)) ((PROSTRATE CANCER)) ((ASTHMA)) ((PREMATURE EJACULATION)) ((HEPATITIS)) [...]

Jackie Parry is friends with Daniel P

Wow. So much truth in this article! My husband used to think I was crazy, but now he understands the lifestyle of horse owners. Ever since starting my blog, he has finally come around to understanding the community, as well. [...]

Trot On added a video. 2 years ago

Something to make us smile at this trying time...

Horse Blows Bubbles

Horse underwater blowing bubbles

Rena Cook shared 5 photos in the Stream Photos album 2 years ago

How do I find out the maker of my harness? I bought it used, it’s pretty old, has no marks I can find except cob stamped in the leather throat latch... Show more

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