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    There is no such thing as a 'naughty' horse! Every horse and pony displays little quirks and reactions that we construct into a personality. We call some horses ‘cheeky’, some ‘pushy’ and some ‘stubborn’, but have you considered that these labels are actually our way of trying…

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Keith Allen
added a new comment to blog JOHN BRINDLE, HORSE OWNER & SAFETY CAMPAIGNER 1 hour 34 minutes ago

My wife had an accident a couple of years ago where a car came extremely close behind our horse,the horse panicked lost its rear footing and came down onto her.She was quite lucky as she only broke her ankle in three places and her big toe in seven.unfortunately we had no evidence so was unable to pursue it any further. Every time she comes back from a ride she tells me how many idiots she and my daughter have encountered, very early has she ever said none!! This type of attitude by drivers must be stopped otherwise more accidents and deaths of both horses and riders will continue!! [...]

Firstly I do not ride ,I am a horse husband and father of over 20 years,but it has always puzzled me when as a rider you actually become experienced!A horse at anytime can decide it won't go over that jump,or will spook at a inanimate log in the ditch.Those "experienced" riders can still be bucked or thrown by their mount as quickly as a "newbie" if it decides. Equestrian shows and yards can be a daunting place for someone new to the sport so perhaps those "experienced" riders should stop and think not only were they in that position once and be sympathetic towards them but that the only one really in charge is their horse!! [...]

Julie Baxter
added a new comment to blog JOHN BRINDLE, HORSE OWNER & SAFETY CAMPAIGNER 6 hours 44 minutes ago

It's beyond belief that law enforcement is so slack with regard to rider safety on the roads. We really do need a national campaign, not just for horses in traffic but for the provision of more bridle paths. [...]

April Walker
added a new comment to blog Cool Cobs: Why I Love Them! 7 hours 58 minutes ago

I have been blessed to have a gorgeous brown cob on loan for the past four years and although I started out only to see how it went as I believed I didn't like cobs, within a couple of weeks he was under my skin and I now think he is the best horse in the world and has been the perfect partner for me. [...]

Trot On updated the article: Meet Lincoln, the World's Biggest Shire horse 9 hours 13 minutes ago

Meet Lincoln, the World's Biggest Shire horse

Mark Taylor shared 2 photos in the Autumn album 13 hours 28 minutes ago

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Megan McCusker shared a photo. 14 hours ago

I've ALWAYS wanted a tattoo but I've been too scared to get one in case I change my mind about the design... but I feel like I could love this... Show more

Nicky Bethell 12 hours 42 minutes ago

All of my horses go in soft bits and never a crank noseband. They are taught the basics and how to respond so such measures don't need to be taken. Yes it may take longer but you have a more willing partner when the time is taken to teach them correctly. I think all disciplines have strayed away from putting the comfort and happiness of our horses first to some degree. There is too much of a push to get the horses and riders into the show ring so short cuts are taken just so trainers can make the money and parents can brag about their kids showing. Just like how insane XC jumps have become. Put the horse first. [...]

Wholeheartedly agree. As a motivator used only by light taps. To guide. Encourage. In skilled hands its a postive tool. Like straightness training. Which is a physical and mental, benefactory method for the horse. However to make a horse do something, ie jump higher, run faster is unacceptable and abuse. A horse will do these things, run and jump willingly, with heart and desire, when the horse/human relationship is right. Built on trust, mutual respect and rapport. Putting the horse first always not the human goal. Like winning. The horse does not know winning. It only knows safety, comfort, play, food for survival. It's always the humans fault if their is disharmony. Which can be due to physical, mental or emotional feelings. Think and feel like a horse. For the horse. Love this fine animal :-) [...]

Spanish Ritual of Horses and Fire Survives Time and Critics

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